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in the rpm-packaging project we started to package the services and are
currently discussing a possible schema for configuration files and
snippets used by the systemd .service files (but this would also affect
OCF resource agents).
This affects packagers, endusers and config management systems (Chef,
Puppet, Ansible, Salt, ...) so I want to discuss the proposal here on
the list.

This also affects deployment tools so you may want to include tripleo,
kolla, fuel as they are downstream consumers and may have their own
assumptions about how services are launched.


Most services (at least for SUSE and RDO) are using a single config
(e.g. /etc/nova/nova.conf) when starting the service. Some services
(e.g. neutron services like neutron-l3-agent) use multiple config files.

There are multiple problems with that approach:
- when using a config-mgmt-system, users may want to override a config
option (for a feature that is not yet supported) but the
config-mgmt-system will override the config later again.

Just to chime in here from a puppet standpoint, this is not a problem
because we provide a way for a user to add any extra options they wish
using the provider so it always ends up in the correct configuration

Does that also work if you need extra configuration files for 3rd party
plugins (e.g. neutron plugins) ? I guess you could just copy the 3rd
party config file content to the needed neutron config but that's ugly imo.

Plugins also have their own .ini files and are handled differently.
They get weird but we put the service configs in
/etc/neutron/neutron.conf and agent configs get put in .ini files.

So you put the config sections from the plugins into the neutron conf
and mix things, right?

Specifically for neutron, yes the service configs for plugins get put
in neutron.conf but I believe they are in their own section.  It seems
not to have an issue with this.

Each third party component for neutron may ship its config file to load into neutron-server when the component is used. You cannot handle the use case of those plugins shipping their own config files without some config-dir based mechanism. The use case is not going away any time soon, because of decisions made by neutron team respective to pluggability; decisions that are drastically different from what some other projects, like nova, made, which makes solutions working for nova not necessarily applying for neutron.

The third party config file loading complexity is the original reason why --config-dir options were added to RDO neutron-server systemd unit files.


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