Hi Craig,

What?  Trove’s not considered ‘new technology’ anymore?!?  Wait, maybe that’s a 
good thing.  :D  It’s too bad you’re leaving as it’s been good working with 
you.  Good luck in your new projects and hopefully we’ll still bump into each 


From: Craig Vyvial [mailto:cp16...@gmail.com]
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Whats up yall.

So I've changed my focus over the last couple months to working on some new 
technology and do not have time to fulfill my duties as Trove Core any longer. 
I think its time to move on and step down from trove core.

I have been around for a while and seen the Trove community grow and seen great 
strides of development within Trove. I look forward to seeing the future of 
what Trove will offer within the OpenStack ecosystem. I've truly enjoyed my 
time hanging out, working with, and getting to know everyone. Feel free to 
contact me if you have wanna chat or just hang out if you around around the 
Austin area.
Craig Vyvial
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