Based on ML and IRC discussions and the feedback that almost all of us
expect to be able to make the PTG, I have put down our team for work
sessions at the PTG.

I'm looking forward to interacting with more project teams in Atlanta.

Thanks all!

On 10/7/16, 3:24 AM, "Masahito MUROI" <> wrote:

>Thanks summarizing it, Eric.
>Combination of 1. and 2. looks good.
>Basically, we'll have work sessions in PTG for next release. Other teams
>and operator could come, so it's easy for Congress team to discuss
>anything with them.
>Then if needed, we can have unofficial work session of Congress team at
>summit instead of mid-cycle. We don't need to consider hosts and
>location. Additionally, we could meet Congress user who has a
>presentation and nice usecase but doesn't contribute actively.
>best regards,
>On 2016/10/06 16:53, Thierry Carrez wrote:
>> Good summary. It is true that for small-to-medium sized teams (which did
>> not routinely organize midcycles), there is a tough choice to make.
>> See a couple of remarks inline:
>> Eric K wrote:
>>> Here are some of our choices as a team, as well as some first thoughts
>>> pros and cons:
>>> 1. Do work sessions at PTGs; no organized work sessions at summits.
>>> Pro: schedule lines up wit beginning of dev cycle
>>> Pro: work room available
>>> Pro: easy to collaborate with other teams
>>> Con: extra travel for those who will continue to attend summit.
>> +Pro: PTGs are organized in cheaper locations and closer to the center
>> of mass of contributors, hopefully making it less costly to travel to
>> overall
>> +Pro: More team time (for Congress: 2-3 days instead 2-3 hours) for a
>> better return on travel investment
>>> 2. Unofficial work session at summits; no work sessions at PTGs.
>>> Pro: For people who would be going to the summits anyway, this option
>>> reduces travel.
>>> Con: probably no official work room available.
>>> Con: happens at the middle of a dev cycle
>>> 3. Separately organize work sessions in the style of past mid-cycle
>>> sprints; no work sessions at any of the official openstack events.
>>> Pro: we can choose schedule and location
>>> Con: harder to collaborate with other teams
>> +Con: extra travel for those who will continue to attend summit
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