On Wed, 12 Oct 2016, McLellan, Steven wrote:

This issue came up during our meeting last week and it was suggested
to ask the API working group for its opinion, so any comments welcome.

If for whatever reason you don't get enough joy from the mailing
list, feel free to stick this topic on the agenda[1] and show up to
the meetings to talk about it. I'd hope in this case, however, that
email ought to suffice.

This obviously isn't life threatening, more of a convenience for a
number of people who's expressed frustration with getting the
parameter names wrong, but does anyone on the API WG have a strong
opinion against doing it?

If you've already established a commitment to elasticsearch and a
precedent for using some of its grammar for query strings I'd say
that _not_ doing it would be a mistake. What you've proposed in the
review (doing both but not allowing intermixing of the two styles).
makes sense to me.

[1] I am aware of the discussions around paging versus 'marker'-based
    scrolling. We plan to add support for a more cursor-like method as
    well, but Elasticsearch has always supported paging.

I think this is part of why the pagination guideline sort of stalled
out. In addition to the things you mentioned, it's also the case
that the concept of a page is broken in anything more than the
simplest environment.

I think in your case you want to go with what works and what users
will expect. That's the most important. Trying to achieve strict
consistency on query parameters across the entire breadth of
OpenStack isn't being considerate of the differents contexts of use
and users.

[1] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/API-WG#Agenda

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