As we work our way through the project to eliminate the trove-integration
repository, there must come a point when we stop adding any more commits to
the trove-integration repository.


As described in the spec[1] for this project, everything in
trove-integration repository (as of the current HEAD
9f92ca853f8aa2f72921e54682c918941a8f0919) has been dropped into the trove
repository [2], and the old redstack tool has been renamed to trovestack[3].
CI Jobs in the trove repository have been proposed. They are currently
experimental jobs and as soon as we know that they are working, they will be
switched to active (voting or non-voting as appropriate) and we will be in a
position where master will no longer need the trove-integration repository.


We will keep the trove-integration repository around for two cycles (as it
will continue to be used by the stable branches liberty, mitaka and newton)
and when we get to the Queens release, we'll be able to safely get rid of
the trove-integration repository.


At this point, I believe that we are at the stage where we should stop
additional commits to trove-integration.


There are two commits outstanding on the repository and I've requested the
author resubmit them to trove.


We will discuss this at the Trove meeting this Wednesday. Consistent with
the plan [1], I will be proposing that there will be no further commits to
trove-integration unless they are for something extraordinary that is
required in a stable branch.












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