On 18/10/16 15:52, Jamie Lennox wrote:
> A comment from the cheap seats, almost all clients are using a
> keystoneauth1 session at this point and that's where your
> authentication information is being cached. There is essentially no
> cost to creating a client with an existing session as auth happens on
> demand.
> The region_name is not part of the authentication request, it's used
> to lookup the endpoint and so is passed to Client creation.
> Given this maybe there is no longer any value in a ClientCache? It was
> mostly useful to prevent clients doing dumb and share auth amongst
> them. So long as the session/auth is created and saved once, a client
> can be created per use/request with this information (including
> region) with no real performance impact.
> Jamie
Getting rid of the cache would solve my problem, and considering it's
all one shared session it shouldn't cause any problems.

Updating region_name would still be a problem for interactive mode,
although really that is a problem that is present right now anyway.
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