While not yet part of the big tent (which also explains the time we are at :-)
Storlets have a Newton release.

This release features:

  * Python support for writing storlets. This large
    chunk of work involved refactoring, improving and
    unit testing much of the code that deals with
    storlets invocation in general.

  * Storlets can be invoked on multiple objects. Multiple
    objects can be specified when invoking a storlet on GET/COPY.
    With multiple inputs, the storlet is invoked on the proxy with
    multiple input streams (as opposed to the traditional single input

  * Introduction of Storlets ACLs. The storlet middleware now supports
    a POST verb for allowing a certain user READ access to a container
    ony via a certain storlet. Thus, a user which has no read access
    to a container can get access only if the request has the appropriate
    storlet specified in the X-Run-Storlet header.

  * Aligning the storlets team procedures and repo towards becoming part
    of the bit tent. This includes moving the weekly meetings to
    #openstack-meeting, change the review process to include 2 reviewers,
    initial py35 test env, etc.


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