On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 08:12:45PM -0600, Doug Wiegley wrote:

> Right, so, we’re dancing around the common problem in openstack lately: what
> the heck is openstack?

Sorry to get here so late.

> This came up because service VMs/data plane implementations, which this is,
> have different requirements than API services. Paths forward:
> 1. Add gunicorn to global requirements.

I'd rather avoid this.  Other have done a great job explaining the runtime vs
deploy dependencies.

> 2. Create a project specific “amphora-requirements.txt” file for the service
> VM packages (this is actually my preference.) It has been pointed out that
> this wouldn’t be kept up-to-date by the bot. We could modify the bot to
> include it in some way, or do it manually, or with a project specific job.
> 3. Split our service VM builds into another repo, to keep a clean separation
> between API services and the backend.  But, even this new repo’s standlone
> requirements.txt file will have the g-r issue from #1.

Actually Options 2 and 3 are functionally the same (from my POV).  We'd need a
specific job to update your *requirements.txt files.  I feel like a separate
repo is slightly neater but it has the most impact on the Octavia team.

So I'd suggest you go with one of 2 or 3 and we can work together to make the
tools work with you.

> 4. Boot the backend out of OpenStack entirely.

:(  I really hope this was a joke suggestion.  If it isn't then we have some
problems in our community / tools :(

Yours Tony.

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