Kolla rc3 is available in the queue by the hard deadline (more or less).  I 
have a quick Q - would I need to submit another 3.0.0 patch with the same git 
commit id, or does the release team do that automatically?


On 10/7/16, 12:16 PM, "Doug Hellmann" <> wrote:

>This week we tagged the final releases for projects using the
>cycle-with-milestones release model. Projects using the cycle-trailing
>model have two more weeks before their final release tags are due. In
>the time between now and then, we expect those projects to be preparing
>and tagging release candidates.
>Just as with the milestone-based projects, we want to manage the number,
>frequency, and timing of release candidates for cycle-trailing projects.
>With that in mind, I would like to propose the following rough timeline
>(my apologies for not preparing this sooner):
>10 Oct -- All cycle-trailing projects tag at least their first RC.
>13 Oct -- Soft deadline for cycle-trailing projects to tag a final RC.
>18 Oct -- Hard deadline for cycle-trailing projects to tag a final RC.
>20 Oct -- Re-tag the final RCs as a final release.
>Between the first and later release candidates, any translations and
>bug fixes should be merged.
>We want to leave a few days between the last release candidate and
>the final release so that downstream consumers of the projects can
>report issues against stable artifacts. Given the nature of most
>of our trailing projects, and the lateness of starting to discuss
>these deadlines, I don't think we need the same amount of time as
>we usually set aside for the milestone-based projects. Based on
>that assumption, I've proposed a 1 week soft goal and a 2 day hard
>Let me know what you think,
>Newton schedule:
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