Yesterday we merged - - which
was long standing work to get Tempest to be configured explicitly in
it's *very late* phase in devstack.

This was needed by projects that have devstack plugins that need to do
something once the whole cloud is up and running in post-extra, but have
to guaruntee they are fully completed doing that before Tempest
configuration runs. Previously nothing was guarunteeing that, so there
were certain situations where a devstack plugin couldn't build a working
setup for a new project.

What was missed, was not realizing that a few 3rd party CI systems were
using the post-extra config file merge to tweak tempest config before
running. And we didn't (yet) have a way to do this at the test-config phase.

A new patch to fix that is here - - we'll make sure it is merged
by the EOD.

Users of this should just change their local.conf to use test-config
instead of post-extra if they want to change TEMPEST_CONF file after
it's been configured.


Sean Dague

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