Hi fellow kuryrs!

We are getting close to the end of the Ocata and it is time to look back
and appreciate the good work all the contributors did. I would like to
thank you all for the continued dedication and participation in gerrit, the
weekly meetings, answering queries on IRC, etc.

I also want to propose two people that I think will help us a lot as core
contributors in the next cycles.

For Kuryr-lib and kuryr-libnetwork I want to propose Liping Mao. Liping has
been contributing a lot of since Mitaka, not just in code but in reviews
catching important details and fixing bugs. It is overdue that he gets to
help us even more!

For Kuryr-kubernetes I want to propose Ilya Chukhnakov. Ilya got into Kuryr
at the end of the Newton cycle and has done a wonderful job in the
Kubernetes integration contributing heaps of code and being an important
part of the design discussions and patches. It is also time for him to
start approving patches :-)

Let's have the votes until next Friday (unless enough votes are cast


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