Yea, manage snapshot tests should be skipped on ceph backend.

I disabled those tests for *-ceph-* jobs and glance-store will be unblocked
after that merged.


There is discussion going on whether to enable the manage snapshot false by
default on devstack side and improve
tempest tests also but that might take time.

But for ceph jobs it will be disabled in that patch and should not block
gate etc.

Also if any CI failing due to that they can quickly disable that flag and
skip the tests which not meant to be run on their CI.


On Tue, Jan 17, 2017 at 11:18 AM, Brian Rosmaita <
> wrote:

> I need some help troubleshooting a glance_store gate failure that I
> think is due to a recent change in a tempest test and a configuration
> problem (or it could be something else entirely).  I'd appreciate some
> help solving this as it appears to be blocking all merges into
> glance_store, which, as a non-client library, is supposed to be frozen
> later this week.
> Here's an example of the failure in a global requirements update patch:
> (I should mention that the failure is occurring in a volume test in
> tempest.api.volume.admin.v2.test_snapshot_manage.
> SnapshotManageAdminV2Test,
> not a glance_store test.)
> The test is being run by this gate:
> gate-tempest-dsvm-full-ceph-plugin-src-glance_store-ubuntu-xenial
> The test that's failing, test_unmanage_manage_snapshot was recently
> modified by Change-Id: I77be1cf85a946bf72e852f6378f0d7b43af8023a
> To be more precise, the test itself wasn't changed, rather the criterion
> for skipping the test was changed (from a skipIf based on whether the
> backend was ceph, to a skipUnless based on a boolean config option).
> From the comment in the old code on that patch, it seems like the test
> config value should be False when ceph is the backend (and that's its
> default).  But in the config dump of the failing test run,
> dsvm-full-ceph-plugin-src-glance_store-ubuntu-xenial/
> dab27eb/logs/tempest_conf.txt.gz
> you can see that manage_snapshot is True.
> That's why I think the problem is being caused by a flipped test config
> value, but I'm not sure where the configuration for this particular gate
> lives so I don't know what repo to propose a patch to.
> Thanks in advance for any help,
> brian
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