I'm happy to announce my candidacy for Watcher PTL for the Pike release cycle.

I've been working on OpenStack for 2.5 years as engineer. My contributions
have been started in February 2016, they are related to Watcher and Rally
projects. I'm very proud of being one of core developers in Watcher project.

Watcher has achieved great companies diversity and its stability has been
improved along with usability. My main goal is to reach production-ready status
for Watcher by focusing on the following tasks:
- provide to all strategies multi datasource support
  (Ceilometer, Monasca, Gnocchi)
- limit concurrent executing of actions across all ongoing action plans
- work with Nova team to respect Nova's policies during optimization process
- make Watcher HA-ready
- make some steps to start integration of storage/network models

I will continue to propose some new blueprints compiled by Servionica team
and by its clients. I appreciate any help coming from our great community.
I would be happy to promote Watcher across OpenStack community and
to welcome new contributors.

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