Hello there,

in Manchester we had this interesting discussion about asking to
backport bugfixes in order to avoid to build own packages.


We run Openstack with Ubuntu and we use the Ubuntu Cloud Archive.

We are upgrading our production system to from Juno to Kilo and we run
into this bug


This is the commit the fixes the bug (Horizon repository):
git show 8201d65c

I remember someone saying that this bug can be tagged somewhere to
request the backport to Kilo ... how do I do this ??

I have put James in Cc: because he was super kind in Manchester, and I
he show me how to correctly package for Ubuntu.
Once the change is merged into stable/kilo branch I will try to kindly
ask to the people from Ubuntu Cloud Archive to refresh Kilo packages.
Or even better I will try to help them with the packaging and testing.

Let's try to start this workflow to see how long it takes ?? Do you
guys consider this example a good follow up to the discussion we had
in Manchester ?

If we give up, we will have to build our own Kilo packages for Kilo
even before going to production ;)

thanks !


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