> In our environments, we offer two types of storage. Tenants can either use
> Ceph/RBD and trade speed/latency for reliability and protection against
> physical disk failures, or they can launch instances that are realized as
> LVs on an LVM VG that we create on top of a RAID 0 spanning all but the OS
> disk on the hypervisor. This lets the users elect to go all-in on speed and

Hello Ned,

how do you implement this ? What is like the user experience of having
two types of storage ?

We generally have Ceph/RBD as storage backend, however we have a use
case where we need LVM because latency is important.

To cope with our use case we have different flavors, where setting a
flavor-key to a specific flavor you can force the VM to be scheduled
to a specific host-aggregate. Then we have a host-aggregate for
hypervisors supporting the LVM storage and another host-aggregate for
hypervisors running the default Ceph/RBD backend.

However, let's say the user just creates a Cinder Volume in Horizon.
In this case the Volume is created to Ceph/RBD. Is there a solution to
support multiple storage backends at the same time and let the user
decide in Horizon which one to use ???



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