Hi All,

We had a great meeting today. Following were discussed and action items:
*       Started reviewing the Launchpad critical bugs
o       Classifying the bugs (fault class & fault types), recommended mitigation
*       Decided to focus on the high bug rate projects
*       Added two new members to the team
o       Zsolt Nagy (T-Systems)
o       Michael Zhouzzy (UCSD)
*       Asked the team members to contribute to the creation of fault classes & 
types list for their respective areas
o       Input from Matt Greene
*       Fault Class: VM not accessible
*       Fault Type: network connectivity, insufficient hypervisor resources, VM 
guest mis-configuration, authentication/permissions error
*       Michael: will update the Google sheet to include the dropdowns
*       Zsolt: provide the source code to grab data from StackOverflow
*       Michael: Use Zsolt's source code to provided the latest updates & 
determine if there are open APIs to export the data to our worksheets for 
further analysis
*       Zsolt: invite more people from the T-Systems Operation team
*       Nemat: invite Ching and Farhad to join the team as Neutron experts


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