The current form of the nova os-diagnostics API is hypervisor-specific, which makes it pretty unusable in any generic way, which is why Tempest doesn't test it.

Way back when the v3 API was a thing for 2 minutes there was work done to standardize the diagnostics information across virt drivers in nova. The only thing is we haven't exposed that out of the REST API yet, but there is a spec proposing to do that now:

This is an admin-only API so we're trying to keep an end user point of view out of discussing it. For example, the disk details don't have any unique identifier. We could add one, but would it be useful to an admin?

This API is really supposed to be for debug, but the question I have for this list is does anyone actually use the existing os-diagnostics API? And if so, how do you use it, and what information is most useful? If you are using it, please review the spec and provide any input on what's proposed for outputs.



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