On 10/12/2016 10:17 AM, Ulrich Kleber wrote:

I didn’t see an official announcement, so I like to point you to the new
release of OPNFV.


OPNFV is an open source project and one of the most important users of
OpenStack in the Telecom/NFV area. Maybe it is interesting for your work.

Hi Ulrich,

I'm hoping you can explain to me what exactly OPNFV is producing in its releases. I've been through a number of the Jira items linked in the press release above and simply cannot tell what is being actually delivered by OPNFV versus what is just something that is in an OpenStack component or deployment.

A good example of this is the IPV6 project's Jira item here:


Which has the title of "Auto-installation of both underlay IPv6 and overlay IPv6". The issue is marked as "Fixed" in Colorado 1.0. However, I can't tell what code was produced in OPNFV that delivers the auto-installation of both an underlay IPv6 and an overlay IPv6.

In short, I'm confused about what OPNFV is producing and hope to get some insights from you.


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