Tobias does bring up something that we have ran into before.

With NFSv3 user mapping is done by ID, so you need to ensure that all of your 
servers use the same UID for nova/glance.  If you are using packages/automation 
that do useradd’s  without the same userid its *VERY* easy to have mismatched 
username/uid’s across multiple boxes.

NFSv4, iirc, sends the username and the nfs server does the translation of the 
name to uid, so it should not have this issue.  But we have been bit by that 
more than once on nfsv3.

Kris Lindgren
Senior Linux Systems Engineer

On 10/12/16, 11:59 AM, "Tobias Schön" <> wrote:

    We have an environment with glance and cinder using NFS.
    It's important that they have the correct rights. The shares should be 
owned by nova on compute if mounted up on /var/lib/nova/instances
    And the same for nova and glance on the controller..
    It's important that you map the glance and nova up in fstab.
    The cinder one is controlled by the nfsdriver.
    We are running rhelosp6, Openstack Juno.
    This parameter is used:
    nfs_shares_config=/etc/cinder/shares-nfs.conf in the 
/etc/cinder/cinder.conf file and then we have specified the share in 
    chmod 0640 /etc/cinder/shares-nfs.conf
    setsebool -P virt_use_nfs on
    This one is important to make it work with SELinux
    How up to date this is actually I don't know tbh, but it was up to date as 
of redhat documentation when we deployed it around 1.5y ago.
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    Från: Curtis [] 
    Skickat: den 12 oktober 2016 19:21
    Ämne: [Openstack-operators] glance, nova backed by NFS
    Hi All,
    I've never used NFS with OpenStack before. But I am now with a small lab 
deployment with a few compute nodes.
    Is there anything special I should do with NFS and glance and nova? I 
remember there was an issue way back when of images being deleted b/c certain 
components weren't aware they are on NFS. I'm guessing that has changed but 
just wanted to check if there is anything specific I should be doing 
    I can't seem to find many examples of NFS feel free to point me 
to any documentation, blog posts, etc. I may have just missed it.
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