Had the session in Austin summit for the maintenance:

Now the discussion have gotten to a point that should start prototyping a 
service hosting the maintenance. For maintenance Nova could have a link to this 
new service, but no functionality for the maintenance should be placed in Nova 
project. Was working to have this, but now looking better to have the prototype 

>From the discussion over above review, the new service might have maintenance 
>API connection point that links to host by utilizing "hostid" used in Nova and 
>then there should be "tenant _id" specific end point to get what needed by 
>project. Something like:
This will ensure tenant will not know details about host, but can get needed 
information about maintenance effecting to his instances.

In Telco/NFV side we have OPNFV Doctor project that sets the requirements for 
this from that direction. I am personally interested in that part, but to have 
this to serve all operator requirements, it is best to bring this here.

This could be further discussed in Barcelona and should get other people 
interested to help starting with this. Any suggestion for the Ops session?

Looking forward,

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