Michal had asked me if we were good to proceed with this deprecation.  As there 
are no objections in the mailing list or review, we have decided to proceed 
with this (hopefully) operator-invisible change.


On 10/3/16, 1:32 PM, "Michał Jastrzębski" <inc...@gmail.com> wrote:

>Kolla deprecates Heka in Ocata cycle, because Mozilla doesn't support
>this project any more. During Ocata cycle we will prepare migration
>plan and alternative to fill this missing functionality. As part of
>N->O cycle we will migrate Heka to alternative we will decide upon in
>following release. Our goal is to make this migration totally
>transparent and logging infrastructure (which heka was part of) will
>keep working in same way on higher levels (elastic, kibana).
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