I tried to convert all docs to rst using pandoc as the following example shows
pandoc -f docbook -t rst -s section_cinder-deployment-choices.xml -o 

There were no errors thrown, however we are missing things such as section 
headers, and the internal links did not convert either.

Please advise how to address this issue?

By way of example: 

For example, in the rst doc these are this is what we have
debian@debian-1:~/openstack-repo/openstack-deploy-ops-guide/cinder$ egrep -B 1 
"^\*\*|^\-\-|^==" section_cinder-deployment-choices.rst | egrep -v '^-'  | grep 
-v "^$"
Theory of Operation & Deployment Choices
**Cinder Backends and Storage Virtual Machines.**
**Cinder volumes and FlexVol volumes.**
**Cinder volume representation within a FlexVol volume.**
**Cinder Scheduling and resource pool selection.**
**Cinder snapshots versus NetApp Snapshots.**
**E-Series snapshots.**
**CDOT and 7-mode consistency groups.**
**E-Series consistency groups.**
**SANtricity Web Services Proxy.**
**Volume Groups.**
**Dynamic Disk Pools (DDP).**
**Filer Side Setup.**
**OpenStack Setup.**
**Data ONTAP Thin Provisioning.**
**E-Series Thin Provisioning.**
**Establishing an iSCSI Session.**
**iSCSI Session Scope.**
**Configuration Options.**

Where as in the original xml file:
debian@debian-1:~/openstack-repo/openstack-deploy-ops-guide/cinder$ grep -i 
title section_cinder-deployment-choices.xml
    <title>Theory of Operation &amp; Deployment Choices</title>
        <title>Construct Mappings between Cinder and Data ONTAP</title>
            <title>Cinder Backends and Storage Virtual Machines</title>
            <title>Cinder volumes and FlexVol volumes</title>
            <title>Cinder volume representation within a FlexVol volume</title>
            <title>Cinder Scheduling and resource pool selection</title>
            <title>Cinder snapshots versus NetApp Snapshots</title>
            <title>E-Series snapshots</title>
            <title>CDOT and 7-mode consistency groups</title>
            <title>E-Series consistency groups</title>
        <title><trademark class="registered">SANtricity</trademark> Web 
Services Proxy</title>
            <title><trademark class="registered">SANtricity</trademark> Web 
Services Proxy</title>
            <title>Mitaka Support</title>
        <title>Deployment Choice: FAS vs E-Series</title>
        <title>Deployment Choice: Clustered Data ONTAP vs Data ONTAP operating 
in 7-Mode</title>
        <title>Deployment Choice: NFS versus iSCSI</title>
        <title>Deployment Choice: Volume Groups vs Dynamic Disk Pools 
            <title>Volume Groups</title>
            <title>Dynamic Disk Pools (DDP)</title>
        <title>Deployment Choice: NFS Security</title>
          <title>Filer Side Setup</title>
          <title>OpenStack Setup</title>
        <title>Fibre Channel Switch Fabric With Cinder</title>
        <title>Using Cinder Volume Types to Create a Storage Service 
        <title>Over-Subscription and Thin-Provisioning</title>
          <title>Data ONTAP Thin Provisioning</title>
          <title>E-Series Thin Provisioning</title>
        <title>Unidirectional CHAP Authentication</title>
          <title>Establishing an iSCSI Session</title>
          <title>iSCSI Session Scope</title>
          <title>Configuration Options</title>

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Excerpts from Yuki Kasuya's message of 2017-08-10 17:09:48 +0900:

> I tried to convert all docs under ops-guide dir using pandoc. Like 
> below, toctree,term and some directives doesn't work after converting.
> But, at glance, almost fine after converting.
> If you don't mind, I'll able to create wiki pages of ops-guide.
> xxx@devstack02:~/work/openstack-manuals/doc/ops-guide/source$ pandoc 
> index.rst -t mediawiki -o index .wiki
> pandoc: ignoring unknown directive: toctree "source" (line 58, column 
> 1)
> pandoc: ignoring unknown role :term: in "source" (line 20, column 13)
> pandoc: ignoring unknown role :term: in "source" (line 19, column 59)

It should be safe to ignore the toctree directives. If you want to keep the 
same structure between the wiki pages and the original source document, you 
might want to replace those with lists of links.

The term role automatically links to the glossary. As long as the text 
highlighted by the role is present in the output, it is fine to ignore that 
warning, too.


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