On Thu, Feb 08, 2018 at 10:53:14PM +0200, Volodymyr Litovka wrote:
> Hi colleagues,
> does anybody here know how to prepare Ubuntu Artful (17.10) image using
> diskimage-builder?
> diskimage-builder use the following naming style for download -
> $DIB_RELEASE-server-cloudimg-$ARCH-root.tar.gz
> and while "-root" names are there for trusty/amd64 and xenial/amd64 distros,
> these archives for artful (and bionic) are absent on
> cloud-images.ubuntu.com. There are just different kinds of images, not
> source tree as in -root archives.
> I will appreciate any ideas or knowledge how to customize 17.10-based image
> using diskimage-builder or in diskimage-builder-like fashion.

You might like to investigate the ubuntu-minimal DIB element which will
build your ubuntu image from apt rather than starting with the pre-built

In the meantime I'll look at how we can consume the .img file, which is
similar to what we'd need to do for Fedora

Yours Tony.

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