Hello all,

TL;DR - Those going to the Tokyo Ops meetup, please go volunteer to
moderate sessions and offer any last minute topic ideas at


The spring Ops meetup in Tokyo is rapidly approaching. Details on the
event can be found here:


Registration can be done here:


Most importantly, we need to press forward with solidifying the
content. The planning document for the schedule can be found here:


We have many great session ideas, but are very short on moderators
presently. If you plan to attend and are willing to lead a session,
please place your name on the list of moderators starting at Line 149.
If you have a specific session you would like to handle, feel free to
put your name next to it on the list starting at line 22.

We also have room for a few more sessions, especially in the
Enterprise track, so if you would like to propose something, feel free
to add it to the list. We will probably close out new session topics
and start setting the schedule next Tuesday..

Looking forward to seeing lots of you there!


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