I have a running OpenStack Ocata setup on which I am able to launch VMs.
But I want to move to LXC instantiation instead of VMs. So, for this, I
installed nova-compute-lxd on my compute node (Ubuntu 16.04).
*/etc/nova/nova-compute.conf* on my compute nodes was changed to contain
the following values for *compute_driver* and* virt_type*.

*compute_driver = lxd.LXDDriver*
*virt_type = lxc*

After this, I restarted the nova-compute service and launched an instance,
launch failed after some time (4-5 mins remain in spawning state) and gives
the following error:
[Error: No valid host was found. There are not enough hosts
available.]. Detailed
nova-compute logs are attached with this e-mail.

Could you please guide what else is required to launch container on
OpenStack setup? What other configurations will I need to configure LXD and
my nova user to see the LXD daemon.


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