Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to move my openstack setup from ocata to pike release (I know, it’s almost queens!) and I’ve encountered a problem not really described in the upgrade documentation.

Prior to pike, ceilometer telemetry service was storing the telemetry data on it’s own. Starting from pike, there’s another storage component for that, called gnocchi.
I reconfigured the setup accordingly, to use gnocchi as a storage, but the problem is: ceilometer has multiple types of metrics while gnocchi doesn’t have metric types at all.
And it doesn’t really make sense to store metrics of cumulative type (like compute.node.cpu.kernel.time, switch.port.receive.bytes, energy) and of gauge type (like vcpus, volume.size, image.size) in one place.

Have any of you faced this problem? If yes, what are the workarounds that you’ve found sufficient?
I’ve been thinking about different ways to handle this problem, like converting data before it gets written to gnocchi, but I believe there should be a better solution!

Thank you
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