https://review.openstack.org/#/c/523387 proposes adding a z/VM specific
dependancy to nova's requirements.txt. When I objected the counter argument
is that we have examples of windows specific dependancies (os-win) and
powervm specific dependancies in that file already.

I think perhaps all three are a mistake and should be removed.

My recollection is that for drivers like ironic which may not be deployed
by everyone, we have the dependancy documented, and then loaded at runtime
by the driver itself instead of adding it to requirements.txt. This is to
stop pip for auto-installing the dependancy for anyone who wants to run
nova. I had assumed this was at the request of the deployer community.

So what do we do with z/VM? Do we clean this up? Or do we now allow
dependancies that are only useful to a very small number of deployments
into requirements.txt?

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