unfortunately, didn't get the reply in my inbox, so I'm answering from the link 
(hopefully, my reply will go to the same thread)

Anyway, I can see the neutron openvswitch agent logs processing the interface 
way after the VM is up (in this case, 30 minutes). And after the vif plugin 
timeout of 5 minutes (currently 10 minutes).
After searching for logs, I came out with an example here: (replaced nova 
compute hostname with "nova.compute.hostname")


As you can see, the request for the VM starts around 3:27AM. Ports get created, 
openvswitch has the command to do it, has DHCP, but apparently Neutron server 
sends the callback after Neutron Openvswitch agent finishes. Callback is at 
2018-05-10 03:57:36.177 while Neutron Openvswitch agent says it completed the 
setup and configuration at 2018-05-10 03:57:35.247.

So, my question is, why is Neutron Openvswitch agent processing the request 30 
minutes after the VM is started? And where can I search for logs for whatever 
happens during those 30 minutes?
And yes, we're using libvirt. At some point, we added some new nova compute 
nodes and the new ones came with v3.2.0 and was breaking migration between 
hosts. That's why we downgraded (and versionlocked) everything at v2.0.0.

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