The last session related to extended releases is: OpenStack is "mature" -- time 
to get serious on Maintainers
It will be in room 220 at 11:00-11:40
The etherpad for the last session in the series on Extended releases is here:

There are links to info on other communities’ maintainer 
process/role/responsibilities also, as reference material on how other have 
made it work (or not).

The nitty gritty details:

The upcoming Forum is filled with sessions that are focused on issues needed to 
improve and maintain the sustainability of OpenStack projects for the long 
term.  We have discussion on reducing technical debt, extended releases, fast 
forward installs, bringing Ops and User communities closer together, etc.  The 
community is showing it is now invested in activities that are often part of 
“Sustaining Engineering” teams (corporate speak) or “Maintainers (OSS speak).  
We are doing this; we are thinking about the moving parts to do this; let’s 
think about the contributors who want to do these and bring some clarity to 
their roles and the processes they need to be successful.  I am hoping you read 
this and keep these ideas in mind as you participate in the various Forum 
sessions.  Then you can bring the ideas generated during all these discussions 
to the Maintainers session near the end of the Summit to brainstorm how to 
visualize and define this new(ish) component of our technical community.

So, who has been doing the maintenance work so far?  Mostly (mostly) unsung 
heroes like the Stable Release team, Release team, Oslo team, project liaisons 
and the community goals champions (yes, moving to py3 is a 
sustaining/maintenance type of activity).  And some operators (Hi, mnaser!).  
We need to lean on their experience and what we think the community will need 
to reduce that technical debt to outline what the common tasks of maintainers 
should be, what else might fall in their purview, and how to partner with them 
to better serve them.

With API lower limits, new tool versions, placement, py3, and even projects 
reaching “code complete” or “maintenance mode,” there is a lot of work for 
maintainers to do (I really don’t like that term, but is there one that fits 
OpenStack’s community?).  It would be great if we could find a way to share the 
load such that we can have part time contributors here.  We know that operators 
know how to cherrypick, test in there clouds, do bug fixes.  How do we pair 
with them to get fixes upstreamed without requiring them to be full on 
developers?  We have a bunch of alumni who have stopped being “cores” and 
sometimes even developers, but who love our community and might be willing and 
able to put in a few hours a week, maybe reviewing small patches, providing 
help with user/ops submitted patch requests, or whatever.  They were trusted 
with +2 and +W in the past, so we should at least be able to trust they know 
what they know.  We  would need some way to identify them to Cores, since they 
would be sort of 1.5 on the voting scale, but……

So, burn out is high in other communities for maintainers.  We need to find a 
way to make sustaining the stable parts of OpenStack sustainable.

Hope you can make the talk, or add to the etherpad, or both.  The etherpad is 
very musch still a work in progress (trying to organize it to make sense).  If 
you want to jump in now, go for it, otherwise it should be in reasonable shape 
for use at the session.  I hope we get a good mix of community and a good 
collection of those who are already doing the job without title.

Thanks and see you next week.

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