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Build URL:https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/precise_grizzly_nova_trunk/685/
Date of build:Thu, 14 Feb 2013 14:44:32 -0500
Build duration:12 min
Build cause:Started by user Chuck Short
Built on:pkg-builder

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dch -a [1d07c12] Allow generic rules in context_is_admin rule in policy.
dch -a [98838cc] Implements resize / cold migration on Hyper-V
dch -a [53a2e8e] test_(dis)associate_by_non_existing_security_group_name missing stub
dch -a [4a68c5e] More conductor support for resizes
dch -a [2e403b2] Add generic UC dropper
dch -a [9ff12a2] Remove locking declarator in ServiceGroup __new__()
dch -a [9e208ae] Use ServiceGroup API to show node liveness
dch -a [2a46e28] Refine PowerVM MAC address generation algorithm
dch -a [7d408aa] Fixes a bug in attaching volumes on Hyper-V
dch -a [65abe9d] Fix unconsumed column name warning in test_migrations.
dch -a [394713e] Fix regression in non-admin simple_usage:show.
dch -a [851ea98] Adds API Sample tests for FloatingIPDNS extension.
dch -a [ba48398] Don't call 'vif.plug' twice during VM startup
dch -a [a92445e] Disallow setting /0 for network other than
dch -a [ac7188f] make vmwareapi driver pass quantum port-id to ESX
dch -a [4336152] Update to simplified common oslo version code.
dch -a [8fa7175] Libvirt: Implement snapshots for LVM-backed roots
dch -a [65ba313] Properly write non-raw LVM images on creation
dch -a [33ecb10] Changes GA code for tracking cross-domain.
dch -a [70c6882] Return dest_check_data as expected by the Scheduler
dch -a [90f79a0] Ensure that LB VIF drivers creates the bridge if necessary
dch -a [4cbf1f3] Support for scheduler hints for VM groups
dch -a [8880aad] Implement ZooKeeper driver for ServiceGroup API.
dch -a [4c891b9] support reloctable venv roots in testing framework
dch -a [43ee5a9] Allow multiple dns servers when starting dnsmasq
dch -a [1ea366b] Clean up extended server output samples
dch -a [4284451] maint: remove unused imports from bin/nova-*
dch -a [a2c64cc] Adds _(prerun|check)_134 functions to test_migrations
dch -a [d089e0a] Update .coveragerc
dch -a [8d3933d] replace ssh-keygen -m with a python equivalent
dch -a [702fdf2] Fix check instance host for instance actioINFO:root:Destroying schroot.
dch -a [ccd252d] lxc: virDomainGetVcpus is not supported by driver
dch -a [43bd52b] Fix update quota with invalid value
dch -a [be62d6a] Handle compute node not available for live migration
dch -a [f839509] Fix boto capabilities check
bzr builddeb -S -- -sa -us -uc
bzr builddeb -S -- -sa -us -uc
debsign -k9935ACDC nova_2013.1.a4349.gdbdd694+git201302141445~precise-0ubuntu1_source.changes
sbuild -d precise-grizzly -n -A nova_2013.1.a4349.gdbdd694+git201302141445~precise-0ubuntu1.dsc
dput ppa:openstack-ubuntu-testing/grizzly-trunk-testing nova_2013.1.a4349.gdbdd694+git201302141445~precise-0ubuntu1_source.changes
reprepro --waitforlock 10 -Vb /var/lib/jenkins/www/apt include precise-grizzly nova_2013.1.a4349.gdbdd694+git201302141445~precise-0ubuntu1_amd64.changes
bzr push lp:~openstack-ubuntu-testing/nova/precise-grizzly
+ [ ! 0 ]
+ jenkins-cli build precise_grizzly_deploy
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