Title: raring_grizzly_nova_trunk

General Information

Build URL:https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/raring_grizzly_nova_trunk/694/
Date of build:Thu, 14 Feb 2013 20:31:11 -0500
Build duration:16 min
Build cause:Started by an SCM change
Built on:pkg-builder

Health Report

Build stability: 1 out of the last 5 builds failed.80


filter_scheduler: Select from a subset of hosts.

by john.herndon


Add an update option to run_tests.sh

by treinish


Console Output

[...truncated 20518 lines...]
deleting and forgetting pool/main/n/nova/nova-xcp-network_2013.1.a4355.gdadc07b+git201302141836~raring-0ubuntu1_all.deb
deleting and forgetting pool/main/n/nova/nova-xcp-plugins_2013.1.a4355.gdadc07b+git201302141836~raring-0ubuntu1_all.deb
deleting and forgetting pool/main/n/nova/nova-xvpvncproxy_2013.1.a4355.gdadc07b+git201302141836~raring-0ubuntu1_all.deb
deleting and forgetting pool/main/n/nova/python-nova_2013.1.a4355.gdadc07b+git201302141836~raring-0ubuntu1_all.deb
INFO:root:Pushing changes back to bzr testing branch
DEBUG:root:['bzr', 'push', 'lp:~openstack-ubuntu-testing/nova/raring-grizzly']
Pushed up to revision 557.
INFO:root:Storing current commit for next build: 145759f6ed2fb7ceefa640a1a7215099746d41ba
INFO:root:Complete command log:
INFO:root:Destroying schroot.
bzr branch lp:~openstack-ubuntu-testing/nova/grizzly /tmp/tmpLEJctm/nova
mk-build-deps -i -r -t apt-get -y /tmp/tmpLEJctm/nova/debian/control
python setup.py sdist
git log -n1 --no-merges --pretty=format:%H
git log a4de6ce88261c1c36d782597ff7347fce1a9ddef..HEAD --no-merges --pretty=format:[%h] %s
bzr merge lp:~openstack-ubuntu-testing/nova/raring-grizzly --force
dch -b -D raring --newversion 2013.1.a4361.g2d05d2e+git201302142031~raring-0ubuntu1 Automated Ubuntu testing build:
dch -a [145759f] [xenapi] Cooperatively yield during sparse copy
dch -a [b05b7b7] Add an update option to run_tests.sh
dch -a [8310be5] filter_scheduler: Select from a subset of hosts.
dch -a [d74ad18] add config drive to api_samples
dch -a [00aced0] Canonizes IPv6 before insert it into the db
dch -a [9ed8d39] API extension for accessing instance_actions
dch -a [4f34d03] Use joinedload for system_metadata in db
dch -a [7d3e606] Correct misspelling in PowerVM comment
dch -a [8cf0178] Add GlusterFS libvirt volume connector
dch -a [5dd5625] Module import style checking changes
dch -a [b0e99be] Resize/Migrate functions for PowerVM driver
dch -a [e354bc8] Use a more specific error reporting invalid disk hardware
dch -a [339dd99] Add "is not" test to hacking.py
dch -a [a2e4c2c] Fix passing conductor to get_instance_nw_info()
dch -a [a71ff71] Allow aggregate create to have None as the az
dch -a [394713e] Fix regression in non-admin simple_usage:show.
dch -a [70c6882] Return dest_check_data as expected by the Scheduler
dch -a [43ee5a9] Allow multiple dns servers when starting dnsmasq
dch -a [4284451] maint: remove unused imports from bin/nova-*
bzr builddeb -S -- -sa -us -uc
bzr builddeb -S -- -sa -us -uc
debsign -k9935ACDC nova_2013.1.a4361.g2d05d2e+git201302142031~raring-0ubuntu1_source.changes
sbuild -d raring-grizzly -n -A nova_2013.1.a4361.g2d05d2e+git201302142031~raring-0ubuntu1.dsc
dput ppa:openstack-ubuntu-testing/grizzly-trunk-testing nova_2013.1.a4361.g2d05d2e+git201302142031~raring-0ubuntu1_source.changes
reprepro --waitforlock 10 -Vb /var/lib/jenkins/www/apt include raring-grizzly nova_2013.1.a4361.g2d05d2e+git201302142031~raring-0ubuntu1_amd64.changes
bzr push lp:~openstack-ubuntu-testing/nova/raring-grizzly
+ [ ! 0 ]
+ jenkins-cli build raring_grizzly_deploy
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