Title: vivid_kilo_ceilometer_trunk

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Build URL:https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/vivid_kilo_ceilometer_trunk/18/
Date of build:Wed, 26 Nov 2014 10:07:50 -0500
Build duration:54 min
Build cause:Started by an SCM change
Built on:pkg-builder

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Add encoding of rows and qualifiers in impl_hbase

by ityaptin


Console Output

[...truncated 10591 lines...]
dch -a [75709cb] Add coordination related options to the documentation
dch -a [63187ec] Add missing collector options to the documentation
dch -a [b98a225] switch to oslo-config-generator
dch -a [5fda6a2] Edit docs for docs.opentack.org/developer/
dch -a [f7392e4] Add oslo.db to config generator
dch -a [4166da7] Fix signature validation failure when using qpid message queue
dch -a [a9f5f7d] clean capabilities
dch -a [fa205ac] move db2 and mongo driver to event tree
dch -a [4473a8c] move sql event driver to event tree
dch -a [7169a42] move hbase event driver to event tree
dch -a [b23fd8c] Sets default encoding for PostgreSQL testing
dch -a [dc2b44d] update database dispatcher to use events db
dch -a [5f8cb7a] Add role assignment notifications for identity
dch -a [6ac58c6] add mailmap to avoid dup of authors
dch -a [cca6fcd] Add user_metadata to network samples
dch -a [f8f63d4] Fix recording failure for system pollster
dch -a [39d3c1d] Updated from global requirements
dch -a [cfc0daa] Creates one database per sql test
dch -a [09b8059] Adds pylint check for critical error in new patches
dch -a [d71753f] Implement redesigned separator in names of columns in HBase
dch -a [3643ca5] [HBase] Add migration script for new row separate design
dch -a [aceefd0] Imported Translations from Transifex
dch -a [3b20fa0] Include a 'node' key and value in ipmi metadata
dch -a [52598e1] Run unit tests against PostgreSQL
dch -a [a1ba9d7] create skeleton files for event storage backends
dch -a [20a6f15] Imported Translations from Transifex
dch -a [303da46] isolate event storage models
dch -a [29d2861] Updated from global requirements
dch -a [afc977b] Correct JSON-based query examples in documentation
dch -a [157044d] Add cfg.CONF.import_group for service_credentials
dch -a [7212f7d] Fix OrderedDict usage for Python 2.6
dch -a [dbe8c8b] clean path in swift middleware
dch -a [0af28cb] Describe API versions
dch -a [56d9d66] Provide __repr__ for SampleFilter
dch -a [dd77261] Eliminate unnecessary search for test cases
dch -a [02763ad] Timestamp bounds need not be tight (per ceilometer 1288372)
dch -a [fbf14a4] Fix help strings
apt-get -y install equivs devscripts bzr bzr-builddeb git quilt gnupg piuparts
bzr builddeb -S -- -sa -us -uc
bzr builddeb -S -- -sa -us -uc
debsign -k9935ACDC ceilometer_2014.3+git201411261007~vivid-0ubuntu1_source.changes
mk-build-deps -i -r -t apt-get -y /tmp/tmpOxFT_s/ceilometer/debian/control
sbuild -d vivid-kilo -n -A ceilometer_2014.3+git201411261007~vivid-0ubuntu1.dsc
dput ppa:openstack-ubuntu-testing/kilo ceilometer_2014.3+git201411261007~vivid-0ubuntu1_source.changes
reprepro --waitforlock 10 -Vb /var/lib/jenkins/www/apt include vivid-kilo ceilometer_2014.3+git201411261007~vivid-0ubuntu1_amd64.changes
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