devstack makes setting up a dev environment such a breeze, that I'd
rather not go back to the packages and manual installations if
possible, for a not so serious deployment environment.

So I wrote the script and a few templates. The basic idea
is that once you like what has done to your system, you can
convert them into upstart services. The benefits are: run them like
daemons instead of in screens; store logs in files; automatic start up
after a reboot.

It works with glance-*, nova-*, novnc, and keystone, not with quantum
or swift yet.

put it on github

Usage: after you've done ./
do: ./ install
Now the services are installed. To use them, either reboot to get rid
of the services started by, and automatically start those
services, or do killall screen, then ./ start

Feedback is welcome. Thanks,


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