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Following are the steps we followed to install and configure Openstack on ESX 

1.    Install the OS. We have mentioned the steps for Ubuntu as the OS.\

2.    Setup the network connections and configure apt-get.

3.    Do an update as:

          sudo apt-get update


1.    Install python-suds. This software is needed by "nova-compute" service. 
If not installed, the "nova-compute" service shuts down with the message: 
"Unable to import suds"

sudo apt-get install python-suds

2.    Install SSH services:
sudo apt-get install openssh-server

3.    Install tomcat.

sudo apt-get install tomcat6
          copy the folder wsdl into /var/lib/tomcat6/webapps. This can be 
downloaded from http://www.vmware.com/support/developer/vc-sdk/. The wsdl 
folder is also attached with this mail in case you are unable to download. 


1.    Install openstack glance. Glance is the openstack image service.
sudo apt-get install glance

2.    Openstack people have provided a script to install Openstack. This will 
install and ask necessary details for configuring the same. The script can be 
downloaded from: 
 A copy of this attached with this mail in the Attachments.ZIP file.

3.    Run the script.

a.    sudo chmod 777 nova-install          (Give executable permission to the 

b.    sudo bash nova-install -t cloud        (Run the script)

The script will ask for various details during the installation period. 
Following is the sample that we used.

          Cloud Controller host IP address []:
          S3 host IP address []:
          RabbitMQ host IP address []:
          MySQL host IP address []:

          Desired MySQL root password

          Enter this machine's IP address []:
          Enter this machine's broadcast address []:
          Enter this machine's netmask []:
          Enter this machine's gateway []:
          Enter this machine's DNS nameserver address []:

          Network range for ALL projects (normally x.x.x.x/12):
          Total amount of usable IPs for ALL projects: 255

          User name for the project administrator: admin
          Name for the project: cloud

          Desired network range for the 'cloud' project (normally x.x.x.x/24):
          How many networks for the 'cloud' project: 1
          How many available IPs per 'cloud' project network: 255

Once these inputs are provided openstack will be installed the machine and 
cloud is ready for use.

4.    Edit network settings in the file /etc/network/interfaces. This is to 
ensure we are able to ping the machine from the instances launched through 
openstack. Ensure that you are including the proper values here. This is just 
the way we have implemented.

# The loopback network interface
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback
auto eth1
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static
        address XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
        netmask XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
        broadcast XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
        gateway XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
        dns-nameservers XXXXXXXXXXXXX

5.    Add the below lines in /etc/nova/nova.conf

--vmwareapi_host_ip=<ESX hypervisor machine IP>
--vmwareapi_host_username=< ESX hypervisor username>
--vmwareapi_host_password=< ESX hypervisor password>

6.    Change the /root/creds/novarc file. The entries for EC2_URL, S3_URL and 
NOVA_URL should be changed from the IP of the machine to

7.    Register an image with glance using the below command:
glance --verbose add name="Ubuntu" is_public=true < /root/Ubuntu11-04-flat.vmdk
          This command will generate the ami id (ami-00000001) which will be 
used for launching instances.

8.    Generate the keypair using the command:
euca-add-keypair first > openstack.pem ; chmod 600 openstack.pem

Now we have completed setting up Openstack. We can go ahead and launch 
instances using the command:
          euca-run-instances -k first -t m1.tiny ami-00000001


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