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Subject: [Openstack] New Gerrit version (and server)


We've just upgraded Gerrit to version 2.3.  There are a lot of changes
behind the scenes that we've been looking forward to (like being able to
store data in innodb rather than myisam tables for extra data
longevity).  And there are a few visible changes that may be of interest
to OpenStack developers.

One new addition in 2.3 is "draft changes".  The idea behind a draft
change in Gerrit is that it is a change that is not ready for merging,
or even general code review, but you would like to share it with some
people to get early comments.  If you upload a change as a draft, by
default, no one else can see it.  You must explicitly add each person
you would like to share it with as a reviewer.  Reviewers you add can
leave comments, but can not vote at this stage.  You can continue to
upload new patchsets to the change as it evolves, and once it is ready
for general review, you can click the "Publish" button.  It will then
become a normal change in Gerrit that everyone can see, including the
earlier reviews from the draft stage.  This is a one way transition;
once a draft is published, it can't be made a draft again.

If you're using git-review from source or the latest version from PyPI
(version 1.16, released today), you can easily upload a draft change by
adding the "-D" option (eg, "git review -D").  Earlier versions of
git-review also have the "-D" option, but the git ref that Gerrit uses
to indicate a change should be a draft was changed between the 2.3
release candidate and the final release; so if using "-D" results in an
error, you may need to upgrade.

You may notice some changes to the diff view.  Notably, the header which
contained all of the possible viewing options has been split up into
several parts; you can switch between them by selecting options that
show up under the menu at the top.  I recommend setting "Retain Header
On File Switch" under the Preferences section, as it is a nicer
experience when changing files.

Another notable new feature is the ability to add a group to the list of
reviewers for a change.  Just type in the name of the group and click
"Add Reviewer" and all of the individuals in the group will be added to
the list of reviewers (and will see the change on their "review
requests" list.

Finally, we've modified some of our local OpenStack style changes so
that it is easier for us to track upstream changes in layout.  It should
mean a little more consistency throughout the interface, though we
weren't able to keep the alternating row colors on the main table
without a disproportionate amount of effort.  Do note that you can click
on a line in a table, and it will be highlighted to improve legibility.

We've tried to give this as much testing as possible before moving it
into production.  If you encounter any issues, please let us know on IRC
(mtaylor, jeblair, LinuxJedi), via email at
<>, or you can file a bug at:



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