That's been my focus for a while now. We're using Tach to instrument openstack, 
quantum, glance and a bunch of other components.


Also, there's StackTach which will consume the notifications and give you a 
real-time display of what's happening in the system (as well as giving you a db 
of events you can query vs. parsing logfiles).


And, I recently submitted a patch to novaclient which adds a --timings option 
to see how long each API request takes.

(and this review https://review.openstack.org/#/c/8672/ will add novaclient 
token caching for a slight speedup)

Hope it helps!

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Subject: [Openstack] Performance metrics

Hi All,

I want to do performance analysis on top of [openstack,Qauntum,openvswitch] 
setup. I am interested in the following metrics.

VM life cycle (creation, deletion, boot..,etc)
VM Migration
Quantum (network, port creation/deletion..,etc)

Are there any performance metric tools/scripts available in openstack ?
If not, how can I do the performance analysis of the above metrics on openstack 
quantum setup ? Please help me regarding performance metrics.

I want to know details of the biggest deployment with 
[openstack,Qauntum,openvswitch] setup interms of number of tenant networks, 
number of compute nodes, number of VMs per tenant.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks & Regards
Neelakantam Gaddam
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