In a standard swift deployment, the proxy server is running behind a load 
balancer and/or an SSL terminator. At SwiftStack, we discovered an issue that 
may arise from some config parameters in this layer, and we'd like to share it 
with other swift deployers.


Users updating metadata (ie POST) on larger objects get 503 error responses. 
However, there are no error responses logged by swift.


Since POSTs are implemented, by default, as a server-side copy in swift and 
there is no traffic between the user and swift during the server-side copy, the 
LB or SSL terminator times out before the operation is done.


Two options:

1) Raise the timeout in the LB/SSL terminator config. For example, with pound 
change the "TimeOut" for the swift backend. pound defaults to 15 seconds. The 
appropriate value is however log it takes to do a server side copy of your 
largest object. If you have a 1gbps network, it will take about 160 seconds to 
copy a 5GB object ((8*5*2**30)/((2**30)/4) -- the divide by 4 is because the 
1gbps link is used to read one stream (the original) and write the new copy (3 

2) Change the behavior of POSTs to not do a server-side copy. This will make 
POSTs faster, but it will prevent all metadata values from being updated 
(notably, Content-Type will not be able to be modified with a POST). Also, this 
will not make the issue go away with user-initiated server-side copies.

I would recommend the first solution, unless your workload makes heavy use of 

Hoep this helps.


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