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>> Honestly I think the entire idea of passing a password in to the
>>instance at boot
>> time is insecure and flawed.
>I think that the use of a configuration drive is a reasonably way to
>provide configuration information to an instance, and it's more secure
>than the metadata server.
>In any case, the problem extends beyond passwords; the way injected
>network configuration and ssh keys are handled also make unreasonable
>assumptions about the target operating system and suffer from the same
>problems as password provisioning.
>I've put together a patch that solves my needs, available here:
>  https://github.com/seas-computing/nova/commits/lars/admin_pass
>That branch incorporates also changes from the EPEL packages for
>2012.1.3 (since this is what we're running).
>It seems to work so far, although now we're facing a new problem: the
>adminPass generated by OpenStack is provided to people running the
>"nova boot ..." command line clients but (a) isn't exposed in the web
>ui and (b) doesn't appear to be otherwise accessible (e.g., via

Hey Lars,

(a) sounds like a bug in Horizon if that's not viewable immediately after
creating the instance.  If we can confirm that is the case and file a bug,
that'd be good.  It just comes back via the API so it should be available
to any client.

(b) is definitely not going to work - we don't store the password at all,
an intentional decision.


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