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From:   Thierry Carrez <>
Date:   11/01/2012 12:33 PM
Subject:        Re: [Openstack] summit web site down?
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Doug Davis wrote:
> I was trying to find the name of the person who ran one of the sessions
> at the San Diego summit, but the session [1] doesn't list the name of
> the moderator  (this would probably be a good thing to require for
> session description for the next summit).  And so I then thought I might
> be able to find it via summit session proposal site [2] but that appears
> to be down.  What is the best way to track down the names of the
> moderators of each session?

yes we'll include them as a comment next time. To solve your issue, I
started up the site again. FWIW it will be brought down in the future,
but let's just wait for the Grizzly planning to be completed first :)

Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack

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