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(sorry for the top-posting, crappy web client)

There is a periodic task already in the compute manager that can handle this:

There seems to be some recent (to me) changes in the manager now wrt the 
resource_tracker.py and stats.py files about how this information gets relayed. 
Now it seems it only goes to the db, but previously it was sent to a fanout 
queue that the schedulers could use.

Regardless, this is done at a high enough level that it doesn't really care 
about the underlying virt layer, so long at the virt layer supports the 
get_available_resource() method.


I'd add a hook in there do what we want with this data. Write it to the db, 
send it over the wire, whatever. If there is additional information required, 
it should go in this dictionary (or we should define a format for extensions to 


> It looks like that is collecting resource data, but not usage data. For 
> example, there's no disk I/O information, just disk space. Is that what you 
> mean by adding extra information to the dictionary?
> Doug

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