Hi Jarda,

Thank you for sharing the  G+ community, I just joined and will check
the discussions!
I  hope we can move to GH shortly, the new G+ UI is not so good for discussions.

On Wed, Jun 12, 2013 at 10:49 PM, Jaromir Coufal <jcou...@redhat.com> wrote:
> Hi Toshi,
> it's great to meet you and thanks for support. What you mentioned here is
> one of the issues: worse awareness of such an activity. Hopefully GH will
> enhance this (as well as the other issues). Apart from being among other
> projects, we can also help making it more visible with some note on
> OpenStack pages / Horizon Launchpad then.
> Anyway, the G+ community is at following address:
> https://plus.google.com/communities/100954512393463248122. If we agree here,
> I'd like to move to GH as soon as possible, so we have all discussions,
> proposals and materials archived there.
> Best
> -- Jarda
> On 2013/12/06 23:25, Toshiyuki Hayashi wrote:
> Hi Jarda,
> I'm Toshi, I'm also working on Horizon UI improvement (mainly network
> topology view). I totally agree with you.
> I've been wondering how to discuss the design ideas for Horizon, and I
> think we need some documents such as a design guideline to keep
> Horizon UI as a certain level of look&feel and interactions.
> I believe your idea works very well for Horizon!
> BTW, I didn't know the  Google+ community for Horizon. Could you
> please share the URL?
> On Tue, Jun 11, 2013 at 9:51 PM, Jaromir Coufal <jcou...@redhat.com> wrote:
> Hello Everybody!
> my name is Jarda (shortening from Jaromir) and I'm working on Horizon in a
> way of improvement the UX. Couple of weeks ago, there was set up community
> on Google+ to group UX related people to discuss designing issues. I think
> it was really great idea to start this effort and I love to see all people
> interested in helping Horizon being a better place. However, Google+ posts
> and discussions don't work very well for broader discussions about design
> issues, and I'd like to state here few examples of why I think so:
> - Comments are very narrow (worse readability, long comments are really bad
> supported).
> - Comments don't include images support.
> - There is no way where to store supportive materials.
> - Nobody knows what issues are resolved, what are still active.
> - No possibility to search for related topic (was this already discussed? Am
> I the first one to ask this?).
> - Notifications are also not from the best ones (activity of members just
> slipped down); not big awareness.
> ... and I have little bit more troubles with using it for design
> discussions.
> But long story short - I'd like to propose using GitHub for storing
> documentation and starting discussions related to UX of OpenStack (Horizon).
> In my opinion the best way to deal with UX in Horizon is to create a GitHub
> repository "user_experience" within OpenStack account, store related
> documentation in there and use GitHub Issues for discussions. Here are some
> benefits:
> * You can get subscribed to the repositoryor even just issue you are
> interested in, so you get notifications on your mail or just online
> (whatever works for you).
> * Issues are grouping topics very well together so the discussion for the
> topic stays at one place and everything is connected.
> * Once the issue is solved we can close it (and it is archived).
> * Issues have quite good options for text formatting.
> * You can past image directly to the post.
> * You can upload bigger temporary supportive materials to your forked
> repository.
> * The upstream repository itself can work as a good place to store UX
> documentations for Horizon (wireframes, documents, guides, etc).
> * What goes to the repository itself goes through pull-request process so we
> can make sure that there are ideas which were publicly discussed and
> accepted.
> Also, it provides better accessible way for any contributor, who is having
> some UX related issue. Since "user_experience" repository would be placed
> among other projects, it will be very easy to notice it and find this place
> if I need such a help. So, it is more likely, that we will increase activity
> and get more ideas together, also we enhance connecting developers and
> design people together, if both are contributing. I see UX as another
> project under OpenStack, though - sure - little bit different type of
> project, but still a project. And if we manage to get this project active we
> will definitely enhance resulting UX of Horizon, which is a goal.
> What do you think about this idea? Any thoughts? I'd be very happy to help
> with setting this up so it works smoothly.
> Best
> -- Jarda
> jcoufal at #openstack-horizon
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