>Of course you can. Through command 'nova help flavor-create', You will see how 
>to make it.
Yes I read the manual before posting.
I can create a flavor  with disk and ephemeral set to zero, but when I start 
VMs, each one makes a copy of the DVD image under 
/var/lib/nova/instances/_base. And each instance has a qcow files under 

What I need is several diskless virtual appliance clones booting from a single 
liveDVD iso image.
Is there a simple way to clone virual iso appliances with no extra storage load 
In my case, I plan to have the liveDVD iso image file on ramdisk, and all 
diskless virtual appliance clones booting from that single ram located liveDVD.
This behviour is quite easy to implement on libvirt envrionment on a simple 
workstation, but now I want to transpose on an openstack environment for an "on 
demand cloning" service.


Jacques Landru

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On 2013-07-19 21:41, Jacques LANDRU <lan...@telecom-lille.fr> wrote:

>For an academic cloud, I plan to deploy virtual lab appliance clones booting 
>from a unique shared iso liveDVD file located on a ramdisk.
>Using "nova flavor-create" command, is there a way to create a new flavor with 
>no disk, nor ephemeral storage for this kind of virtual machines ?
>Jacques Landru
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 Of course you can. Through command 'nova help flavor-create', You will see how 
to make it.
Best regards!

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