According to the following link, the dashboard console size can be set
by assigning
width and height in a template file called _detail_vnc.html:

However this is true to OpenSatck releases from only Juno and higher,
and I have a platform
on which Kilo is running. And on this platform, there is no
_detail_vnc.html template file.

I know for sure that this can be done in Kilo, according to the following link:

It says:
Configure the dashboard
You can configure the dashboard for a secured HTTPS deployment. While
the standard installation uses a non-encrypted HTTP channel, you can
enable SSL support for the dashboard.

Also, you can configure the size of the VNC window in the dashboard.

But further than that it does not tell how this should be done.
Does anyone know how the size of VNC window can be configured in Kilo?


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