Thank you for the response James.

I now have a couple of further questions regarding boot volume support on 

Is this feature on the radar?
On nova-kvm documentation states you need shared storage for live migration; is 
this the same case with nova-lxd, or can you live migrate between compute hosts 
when using a dir storage pool for root?
Putting the host's LXD storage under a folder that a ceph pool is mounted on, 
while an obvious sleight of hand, what would the repercussions be?

I don't know if anyone has answers to these, but any are welcome. I'm assuming 
the feature I'm looking for relys on work from the nova project rather than the 
LXD project; I will try to track down a nova features timeline or submit a 
request myself.
James, any documentation you can put together would be great and I look forward 
to seeing it.


From: James Page <>
Sent: 3/13/18 5:33 AM
Subject: Re: [Openstack] Nova + LXD + Ceph?
Hi Torin

On Mon, 12 Mar 2018 at 21:52, Torin Woltjer <> wrote:

I am looking to deploy an openstack cluster using LXD for compute and Ceph for 
storage, and I was running into some doubt as to whether this was possible; and 
doubt that nova-lxd was mature enough for production. If anyone is running 
nova-lxd in production, or knows anything about it, please let me know. I've 
had a hard time finding good informational resources on the topic, specifically 
relating to LXD + Ceph; which is supposedly possible, but I haven't heard if 
it's possible in Openstack. If you otherwise know of a resource that could be 
helpful to me, I would appreciate hearing it.

Short answer is that nova-lxd does support use with Ceph, but only for 
additional block devices  (I.e no boot from volume or ephemeral device support 
right now).

You have highlighted a documentation gap - there are a few non obvious things 
todo like ensuring that cinder creates RBD devices with a minimal feature set 
to support use the the kRBD driver used for nova-lxd.  Will look to put a howto 
for ceph in place shortly!



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