Both the Tumbleweed raspberrypi image and the Contrib raspberrypi,
raspberrypi2 and raspberrypi3 images now boot from U-Boot into GRUB.

This feature was already enabled for the raspberrypi3_aarch64 image and
until recently had been impacted by the ext4 64bit feature breakage. Now
that we have a workaround and are preparing to enable raspberrypi2 in
Tumbleweed, it was time to clean this up.

I had already been successfully running manually GRUB2-converted
installations for many weeks. Now Tumbleweed based raspberrypi and
raspberrypi2 images were tested; for the Contrib projects I have faked
the filenames U-Boot expects, based on upstream vs. downstream .dtb
filenames and testing of rpi-2-b as well as $fdtfilename in
u-boot-rpi332b v2016.09.01. As a side effect, the faked .dtb filenames
also fix the model B+, which was using the model B's .dtb so far.

Known issues:
* Overwriting an SD card that had the old partitioning scheme with
separate /boot partition leads to a GRUB rescue shell, i.e. unbootable
system. Workaround: Either zero out the old GPT or the full SD card
(took ~45 min for 32 GB...) before dd'ing the image.

Please report if any other boot issues remain with the updated images.

* With my bcm28*.dtb symlinks in place for the Contribs, we can drop the
hardcoded $fdtfile bcm27*.dtb values in uboot-image-setup.in now (b-plus
vs. b TODO comment).
* We could also drop some non-$is_efi paths in uboot-image-install.in
once we're confident we don't need to switch back in any branch.
* Once Factory gets the 4.8 kernel (sr#435703), we can build official
Tumbleweed images for Raspberry Pi 2 and 3.

Have a lot of fun,


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