HI Daniel,

Le 03/04/2018 à 19:23, Daniel Bischof a écrit :
Hi Guillaume,

thank you for your reply.

On Fri, 30 Mar 2018, Guillaume Gardet wrote:

Le 30/03/2018 à 15:58, Daniel Bischof a écrit :

 checked for changes in


 yesterday, and there's an update that may fix the ongoing boot issues
 on my Chromebook (Snow).

Which boot issue?

ok, boot issue is probably misleading. The images boot, but after "Starting 
kernel" the screen turns black and nothing happens. I tried to just wait, used 
different SD cards and checked, whether my Chromebook works with Arch Linux ARM (it does).

 However, the JeOS-images for Snow haven't been rebuilt for more than
 one month:


 Intention or mistake?

The Chromebook, is now fully upstream, so please use images from:

Very good, I didn't know that. However, the February image shows the same 
behaviour as described above. Tried JeOS- and X11-images today.

New images are building. There is also an u-boot update (to fix chromebook 
boot), on the way to Tumbleweed.
Then, you could try those new images. :)


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