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here is the log from the commit of package sshuttle for openSUSE:Factory 
checked in at 2017-07-17 09:09:45
Comparing /work/SRC/openSUSE:Factory/sshuttle (Old)
 and      /work/SRC/openSUSE:Factory/.sshuttle.new (New)

Package is "sshuttle"

Mon Jul 17 09:09:45 2017 rev:2 rq:509959 version:0.78.1

--- /work/SRC/openSUSE:Factory/sshuttle/sshuttle.changes        2017-07-05 
23:56:43.738680626 +0200
+++ /work/SRC/openSUSE:Factory/.sshuttle.new/sshuttle.changes   2017-07-17 
09:09:46.307653693 +0200
@@ -1,0 +2,5 @@
+Thu May 25 07:13:34 UTC 2017 - jeng...@inai.de
+- Ensure neutrality of description.


Other differences:
++++++ sshuttle.spec ++++++
--- /var/tmp/diff_new_pack.OnlhNF/_old  2017-07-17 09:09:47.015553988 +0200
+++ /var/tmp/diff_new_pack.OnlhNF/_new  2017-07-17 09:09:47.019553425 +0200
@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@
 Version:        0.78.1
 Release:        0
 License:        LGPL-2.1
-Summary:        Full-featured VPN over an SSH tunnel
+Summary:        VPN over an SSH tunnel
 Url:            https://github.com/sshuttle/sshuttle
 Group:          Development/Languages/Python
@@ -45,23 +45,17 @@
 Transparent proxy server that works as a poor man's VPN. Forwards over ssh.
-Doesn't require admin. Works with Linux and MacOS. Supports DNS tunneling.
-As far as I know, sshuttle is the only program that solves the following
-common case:
-- Your client machine (or router) is Linux, FreeBSD, or MacOS.
+Doesn't require admin. Supports DNS tunneling.
+sshuttle is a program that solves the following case:
 - You have access to a remote network via ssh.
 - You don't necessarily have admin access on the remote network.
-- The remote network has no VPN, or only stupid/complex VPN
-  protocols (IPsec, PPTP, etc). Or maybe you *are* the
-  admin and you just got frustrated with the awful state of
-  VPN tools.
-- You don't want to create an ssh port forward for every
+- The remote network has no VPN, or only complex VPN
+  protocols (IPsec, PPTP, etc).
+- You don't want to create an SSH port forward for every
   single host/port on the remote network.
-- You hate openssh's port forwarding because it's randomly
-  slow and/or stupid.
 - You can't use openssh's PermitTunnel feature because
   it's disabled by default on openssh servers; plus it does
-  TCP-over-TCP, which has terrible performance (see below).
+  TCP-over-TCP, which has terrible performance.
 %setup -q -n sshuttle-%{version}

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