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+Fri Nov 02 09:03:37 UTC 2019 - s...@suspend.net
+- Update to version
+  * Resolves bcc#14416 Fix OSX dmg issue
+  * Resolves bcc#14509 doc:use SegWit in getblocktemplate example




Other differences:
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 %define consensus 1
 %define is_base 1
 Name:           bitcoin
-Version:        0.17.0
 Release:        0
 Summary:        P2P Digital Currency
 License:        MIT

++++++ bitcoin-0.17.0.tar.gz -> bitcoin- ++++++
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@@ -148,7 +148,7 @@
       language: python
       python: '3.6'
-        - travis_retry pip install flake8
+        - travis_retry pip install flake8==3.5.0
         - git fetch --unshallow
diff -urN '--exclude=CVS' '--exclude=.cvsignore' '--exclude=.svn' 
'--exclude=.svnignore' old/bitcoin-0.17.0/configure.ac 
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+++ new/bitcoin-   2018-10-26 12:01:33.000000000 +0200
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
 define(_COPYRIGHT_YEAR, 2018)
 define(_COPYRIGHT_HOLDERS,[The %s developers])
diff -urN '--exclude=CVS' '--exclude=.cvsignore' '--exclude=.svn' 
'--exclude=.svnignore' old/bitcoin-0.17.0/contrib/macdeploy/custom_dsstore.py 
--- old/bitcoin-0.17.0/contrib/macdeploy/custom_dsstore.py      2018-10-01 
12:04:33.000000000 +0200
+++ new/bitcoin-    2018-10-26 
12:01:33.000000000 +0200
@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@
 ds = DSStore.open(output_file, 'w+')
 ds['.']['bwsp'] = {
     'ShowStatusBar': False,
-    'WindowBounds': b'{{300, 280}, {500, 343}}',
+    'WindowBounds': '{{300, 280}, {500, 343}}',
     'ContainerShowSidebar': False,
     'SidebarWidth': 0,
     'ShowTabView': False,
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'--exclude=.svnignore' old/bitcoin-0.17.0/doc/release-notes.md 
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@@ -1,9 +1,6 @@
-(note: this is a temporary file, to be added-to by anybody, and moved to
-release-notes at release time)
+Bitcoin Core version is now available from:
-Bitcoin Core version 0.17.0 is now available from:
-  <https://bitcoincore.org/bin/bitcoin-core-0.17.0/>
+  <https://bitcoincore.org/bin/bitcoin-core->
 This is a new major version release, including new features, various bugfixes
 and performance improvements, as well as updated translations.
@@ -16,1093 +13,30 @@
-How to Upgrade
-If you are running an older version, shut it down. Wait until it has completely
-shut down (which might take a few minutes for older versions), then run the
-installer (on Windows) or just copy over `/Applications/Bitcoin-Qt` (on Mac)
-or `bitcoind`/`bitcoin-qt` (on Linux).
-If your node has a txindex, the txindex db will be migrated the first time you 
run 0.17.0 or newer, which may take up to a few hours. Your node will not be 
functional until this migration completes.
-The first time you run version 0.15.0 or newer, your chainstate database will 
be converted to a
-new format, which will take anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour,
-depending on the speed of your machine.
-Note that the block database format also changed in version 0.8.0 and there is 
-automatic upgrade code from before version 0.8 to version 0.15.0. Upgrading
-directly from 0.7.x and earlier without redownloading the blockchain is not 
-However, as usual, old wallet versions are still supported.
-Downgrading warning
-The chainstate database for this release is not compatible with previous
-releases, so if you run 0.15 and then decide to switch back to any
-older version, you will need to run the old release with the 
-option to rebuild the chainstate data structures in the old format.
-If your node has pruning enabled, this will entail re-downloading and
-processing the entire blockchain.
-Bitcoin Core is extensively tested on multiple operating systems using
-the Linux kernel, macOS 10.10+, and Windows 7 and newer (Windows XP is not 
-Bitcoin Core should also work on most other Unix-like systems but is not
-frequently tested on them.
-From 0.17.0 onwards macOS <10.10 is no longer supported. 0.17.0 is built using 
Qt 5.9.x, which doesn't
-support versions of macOS older than 10.10.
-Known issues
-- Upgrading from 0.13.0 or older currently results in memory blow-up during 
the roll-back of blocks to the SegWit activation point. In these cases, a full 
`-reindex` is necessary.
-- The GUI suffers from visual glitches in the new MacOS dark mode. This has to 
do with our Qt theme handling and is not a new problem in 0.17.0, but is 
expected to be resolved in 0.17.1.
 Notable changes
-Changed configuration options
-- `-includeconf=<file>` can be used to include additional configuration files.
-  Only works inside the `bitcoin.conf` file, not inside included files or from
-  command-line. Multiple files may be included. Can be disabled from command-
-  line via `-noincludeconf`. Note that multi-argument commands like
-  `-includeconf` will override preceding `-noincludeconf`, i.e.
-  ```
-  noincludeconf=1
-  includeconf=relative.conf
-  ```
-  as bitcoin.conf will still include `relative.conf`.
-GUI changes
-- Block storage can be limited under Preferences, in the Main tab. Undoing 
this setting requires downloading the full blockchain again. This mode is 
incompatible with -txindex and -rescan.
-External wallet files
-The `-wallet=<path>` option now accepts full paths instead of requiring wallets
-to be located in the -walletdir directory.
-Newly created wallet format
-If `-wallet=<path>` is specified with a path that does not exist, it will now
-create a wallet directory at the specified location (containing a wallet.dat
-data file, a db.log file, and database/log.?????????? files) instead of just
-creating a data file at the path and storing log files in the parent
-directory. This should make backing up wallets more straightforward than
-before because the specified wallet path can just be directly archived without
-having to look in the parent directory for transaction log files.
-For backwards compatibility, wallet paths that are names of existing data files
-in the `-walletdir` directory will continue to be accepted and interpreted the
-same as before.
-Dynamic loading and creation of wallets
-Previously, wallets could only be loaded or created at startup, by specifying 
`-wallet` parameters on the command line or in the bitcoin.conf file. It is now 
possible to load, create and unload wallets dynamically at runtime:
-- Existing wallets can be loaded by calling the `loadwallet` RPC. The wallet 
can be specified as file/directory basename (which must be located in the 
`walletdir` directory), or as an absolute path to a file/directory.
-- New wallets can be created (and loaded) by calling the `createwallet` RPC. 
The provided name must not match a wallet file in the `walletdir` directory or 
the name of a wallet that is currently loaded.
-- Loaded wallets can be unloaded by calling the `unloadwallet` RPC.
-This feature is currently only available through the RPC interface.
-Coin selection
-### Partial spend avoidance
-When an address is paid multiple times the coins from those separate payments 
can be spent separately which hurts privacy due to linking otherwise separate 
addresses. A new `-avoidpartialspends` flag has been added (default=false). If 
enabled, the wallet will always spend existing UTXO to the same address 
together even if it results in higher fees. If someone were to send coins to an 
address after it was used, those coins will still be included in future coin 
-Configuration sections for testnet and regtest
-It is now possible for a single configuration file to set different
-options for different networks. This is done by using sections or by
-prefixing the option with the network, such as:
-    main.uacomment=bitcoin
-    test.uacomment=bitcoin-testnet
-    regtest.uacomment=regtest
-    [main]
-    mempoolsize=300
-    [test]
-    mempoolsize=100
-    [regtest]
-    mempoolsize=20
-If the following options are not in a section, they will only apply to mainnet:
-`addnode=`, `connect=`, `port=`, `bind=`, `rpcport=`, `rpcbind=` and `wallet=`.
-The options to choose a network (`regtest=` and `testnet=`) must be specified
-outside of sections.
-'label' and 'account' APIs for wallet
-A new 'label' API has been introduced for the wallet. This is intended as a
-replacement for the deprecated 'account' API. The 'account' can continue to
-be used in V0.17 by starting bitcoind with the '-deprecatedrpc=accounts'
-argument, and will be fully removed in V0.18.
-The label RPC methods mirror the account functionality, with the following 
functional differences:
-- Labels can be set on any address, not just receiving addresses. This 
functionality was previously only available through the GUI.
-- Labels can be deleted by reassigning all addresses using the `setlabel` RPC 
-- There isn't support for sending transactions _from_ a label, or for 
determining which label a transaction was sent from.
-- Labels do not have a balance.
-Here are the changes to RPC methods:
-| Deprecated Method       | New Method            | Notes       |
-| :---------------------- | :-------------------- | :-----------|
-| `getaccount`            | `getaddressinfo`      | `getaddressinfo` returns a 
json object with address information instead of just the name of the account as 
a string. |
-| `getaccountaddress`     | n/a                   | There is no replacement 
for `getaccountaddress` since labels do not have an associated receive address. 
-| `getaddressesbyaccount` | `getaddressesbylabel` | `getaddressesbylabel` 
returns a json object with the addresses as keys, instead of a list of strings. 
-| `getreceivedbyaccount`  | `getreceivedbylabel`  | _no change in behavior_ |
-| `listaccounts`          | `listlabels`          | `listlabels` does not 
return a balance or accept `minconf` and `watchonly` arguments. |
-| `listreceivedbyaccount` | `listreceivedbylabel` | Both methods return new 
`label` fields, along with `account` fields for backward compatibility. |
-| `move`                  | n/a                   | _no replacement_ |
-| `sendfrom`              | n/a                   | _no replacement_ |
-| `setaccount`            | `setlabel`            | Both methods now: 
<ul><li>allow assigning labels to any address, instead of raising an error if 
the address is not receiving address.<li>delete the previous label associated 
with an address when the final address using that label is reassigned to a 
different label, instead of making an implicit `getaccountaddress` call to 
ensure the previous label still has a receiving address. |
-| Changed Method         | Notes   |
-| :--------------------- | :------ |
-| `addmultisigaddress`   | Renamed `account` named parameter to `label`. Still 
accepts `account` for backward compatibility if running with 
'-deprecatedrpc=accounts'. |
-| `getnewaddress`        | Renamed `account` named parameter to `label`. Still 
accepts `account` for backward compatibility. if running with 
'-deprecatedrpc=accounts' |
-| `listunspent`          | Returns new `label` fields. `account` field will be 
returned for backward compatibility if running with '-deprecatedrpc=accounts' |
-| `sendmany`             | The `account` named parameter has been renamed to 
`dummy`. If provided, the `dummy` parameter must be set to the empty string, 
unless running with the `-deprecatedrpc=accounts` argument (in which case 
functionality is unchanged). |
-| `listtransactions`     | The `account` named parameter has been renamed to 
`dummy`. If provided, the `dummy` parameter must be set to the string `*`, 
unless running with the `-deprecatedrpc=accounts` argument (in which case 
functionality is unchanged). |
-| `getbalance`           | `account`, `minconf` and `include_watchonly` 
parameters are deprecated, and can only be used if running with 
'-deprecatedrpc=accounts' |
+An issue was solved with OSX dmg generation, affecting macOS 10.12 to 10.14,
+which could cause Finder to crash on install.
-BIP 174 Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions support
+There are no significant changes for other operating systems.
-[BIP 174 PSBT](https://github.com/bitcoin/bips/blob/master/bip-0174.mediawiki) 
is an interchange format for Bitcoin transactions that are not fully signed
-yet, together with relevant metadata to help entities work towards signing it.
-It is intended to simplify workflows where multiple parties need to cooperate 
-produce a transaction. Examples include hardware wallets, multisig setups, and
-[CoinJoin](https://bitcointalk.org/?topic=279249) transactions.
-### Overall workflow
-Overall, the construction of a fully signed Bitcoin transaction goes through 
-following steps:
-- A **Creator** proposes a particular transaction to be created. He constructs
-  a PSBT that contains certain inputs and outputs, but no additional metadata.
-- For each input, an **Updater** adds information about the UTXOs being spent 
-  the transaction to the PSBT.
-- A potentially other Updater adds information about the scripts and public 
-  involved in each of the inputs (and possibly outputs) of the PSBT.
-- **Signers** inspect the transaction and its metadata to decide whether they
-  agree with the transaction. They can use amount information from the UTXOs
-  to assess the values and fees involved. If they agree, they produce a
-  partial signature for the inputs for which they have relevant key(s).
-- A **Finalizer** is run for each input to convert the partial signatures and
-  possibly script information into a final `scriptSig` and/or `scriptWitness`.
-- An **Extractor** produces a valid Bitcoin transaction (in network format)
-  from a PSBT for which all inputs are finalized.
-Generally, each of the above (excluding Creator and Extractor) will simply
-add more and more data to a particular PSBT. In a naive workflow, they all have
-to operate sequentially, passing the PSBT from one to the next, until the
-Extractor can convert it to a real transaction. In order to permit parallel
-operation, **Combiners** can be employed which merge metadata from different
-PSBTs for the same unsigned transaction.
-The names above in bold are the names of the roles defined in BIP174. They're
-useful in understanding the underlying steps, but in practice, software and
-hardware implementations will typically implement multiple roles 
-### RPCs
-- **`converttopsbt` (Creator)** is a utility RPC that converts an
-  unsigned raw transaction to PSBT format. It ignores existing signatures.
-- **`createpsbt` (Creator)** is a utility RPC that takes a list of inputs and
-  outputs and converts them to a PSBT with no additional information. It is
-  equivalent to calling `createrawtransaction` followed by `converttopsbt`.
-- **`walletcreatefundedpsbt` (Creator, Updater)** is a wallet RPC that creates 
-  PSBT with the specified inputs and outputs, adds additional inputs and change
-  to it to balance it out, and adds relevant metadata. In particular, for 
-  that the wallet knows about (counting towards its normal or watch-only
-  balance), UTXO information will be added. For outputs and inputs with UTXO
-  information present, key and script information will be added which the 
-  knows about. It is equivalent to running `createrawtransaction`, followed by
-  `fundrawtransaction`, and `converttopsbt`.
-- **`walletprocesspsbt` (Updater, Signer, Finalizer)** is a wallet RPC that 
takes as
-  input a PSBT, adds UTXO, key, and script data to inputs and outputs that miss
-  it, and optionally signs inputs. Where possible it also finalizes the partial
-  signatures.
-- **`finalizepsbt` (Finalizer, Extractor)** is a utility RPC that finalizes any
-  partial signatures, and if all inputs are finalized, converts the result to a
-  fully signed transaction which can be broadcast with `sendrawtransaction`.
-- **`combinepsbt` (Combiner)** is a utility RPC that implements a Combiner. It
-  can be used at any point in the workflow to merge information added to
-  different versions of the same PSBT. In particular it is useful to combine 
-  output of multiple Updaters or Signers.
-- **`decodepsbt`** is a diagnostic utility RPC which will show all information 
-  a PSBT in human-readable form, as well as compute its eventual fee if known.
-Upgrading non-HD wallets to HD wallets
-Since Bitcoin Core 0.13.0, creating new BIP 32 Hierarchical Deterministic 
wallets has been supported by Bitcoin Core but old non-HD wallets could not be 
upgraded to HD. Now non-HD wallets can be upgraded to HD using the 
`-upgradewallet` command line option. This upgrade will result in the all keys 
in the keypool being marked as used and a new keypool generated. **A new backup 
must be made when this upgrade is performed.**
-Additionally, `-upgradewallet` can be used to upgraded from a non-split HD 
chain (all keys generated with `m/0'/0'/i'`) to a split HD chain (receiving 
keys generated with `'m/0'/0'/i'` and change keys generated with 
`m'/0'/1'/i'`). When this upgrade occurs, all keys already in the keypool will 
remain in the keypool to be used until all keys from before the upgrade are 
exhausted. This is to avoid issues with backups and downgrades when some keys 
may come from the change key keypool. Users can begin using the new split HD 
chain keypools by using the `newkeypool` RPC to mark all keys in the keypool as 
used and begin using a new keypool generated from the split HD chain.
-HD Master key rotation
-A new RPC, `sethdseed`, has been introduced which allows users to set a new HD 
seed or set their own HD seed. This allows for a new HD seed to be used. **A 
new backup must be made when a new HD seed is set.**
-Low-level RPC changes
-- The new RPC `scantxoutset` can be used to scan the UTXO set for entries
-  that match certain output descriptors. Refer to the [output descriptors
-  reference documentation](doc/descriptors.md) for more details. This call
-  is similar to `listunspent` but does not use a wallet, meaning that the
-  wallet can be disabled at compile or run time. This call is experimental,
-  as such, is subject to changes or removal in future releases.
-- The `createrawtransaction` RPC will now accept an array or dictionary (kept 
for compatibility) for the `outputs` parameter. This means the order of 
transaction outputs can be specified by the client.
-- The `fundrawtransaction` RPC will reject the previously deprecated 
`reserveChangeKey` option.
-- `sendmany` now shuffles outputs to improve privacy, so any previously 
expected behavior with regards to output ordering can no longer be relied upon.
-- The new RPC `testmempoolaccept` can be used to test acceptance of a 
transaction to the mempool without adding it.
-- JSON transaction decomposition now includes a `weight` field which provides
-  the transaction's exact weight. This is included in REST /rest/tx/ and
-  /rest/block/ endpoints when in json mode. This is also included in `getblock`
-  (with verbosity=2), `listsinceblock`, `listtransactions`, and
-  `getrawtransaction` RPC commands.
-- New `fees` field introduced in `getrawmempool`, `getmempoolancestors`, 
`getmempooldescendants` and
-   `getmempoolentry` when verbosity is set to `true` with sub-fields 
`ancestor`, `base`, `modified`
-   and `descendant` denominated in BTC. This new field deprecates previous fee 
fields, such as
-   `fee`, `modifiedfee`, `ancestorfee` and `descendantfee`.
-- The new RPC `getzmqnotifications` returns information about active ZMQ
-  notifications.
-- When bitcoin is not started with any `-wallet=<path>` options, the name of
-  the default wallet returned by `getwalletinfo` and `listwallets` RPCs is
-  now the empty string `""` instead of `"wallet.dat"`. If bitcoin is started
-  with any `-wallet=<path>` options, there is no change in behavior, and the
-  name of any wallet is just its `<path>` string.
-- Passing an empty string (`""`) as the `address_type` parameter to
-  `getnewaddress`, `getrawchangeaddress`, `addmultisigaddress`,
-  `fundrawtransaction` RPCs is now an error. Previously, this would fall back
-  to using the default address type. It is still possible to pass null or leave
-  the parameter unset to use the default address type.
-- Bare multisig outputs to our keys are no longer automatically treated as
-  incoming payments. As this feature was only available for multisig outputs 
-  which you had all private keys in your wallet, there was generally no use for
-  them compared to single-key schemes. Furthermore, no address format for such
-  outputs is defined, and wallet software can't easily send to it. These 
-  will no longer show up in `listtransactions`, `listunspent`, or contribute to
-  your balance, unless they are explicitly watched (using `importaddress` or
-  `importmulti` with hex script argument). `signrawtransaction*` also still
-  works for them.
-- The `getwalletinfo` RPC method now returns an `hdseedid` value, which is 
always the same as the incorrectly-named `hdmasterkeyid` value. `hdmasterkeyid` 
will be removed in V0.18.
-- The `getaddressinfo` RPC method now returns an `hdseedid` value, which is 
always the same as the incorrectly-named `hdmasterkeyid` value. `hdmasterkeyid` 
will be removed in V0.18.
-- Parts of the `validateaddress` RPC method have been deprecated and moved to
-  `getaddressinfo`. Clients must transition to using `getaddressinfo` to access
-  this information before upgrading to v0.18. The following deprecated fields
-  have moved to `getaddressinfo` and will only be shown with
-  `-deprecatedrpc=validateaddress`: `ismine`, `iswatchonly`, `script`, `hex`,
-  `pubkeys`, `sigsrequired`, `pubkey`, `addresses`, `embedded`, `iscompressed`,
-  `account`, `timestamp`, `hdkeypath`, `hdmasterkeyid`.
-- `signrawtransaction` is deprecated and will be fully removed in v0.18. To use
-  `signrawtransaction` in v0.17, restart bitcoind with
-  `-deprecatedrpc=signrawtransaction`. Projects should transition to using
-  `signrawtransactionwithkey` and `signrawtransactionwithwallet` before
-  upgrading to v0.18.
-Other API changes
-- The `inactivehdmaster` property in the `dumpwallet` output has been 
corrected to `inactivehdseed`
-### Logging
-- The log timestamp format is now ISO 8601 (e.g. "2018-02-28T12:34:56Z").
-- When running bitcoind with `-debug` but without `-daemon`, logging to stdout
-  is now the default behavior. Setting `-printtoconsole=1` no longer implicitly
-  disables logging to debug.log. Instead, logging to file can be explicitly 
-  by setting `-debuglogfile=0`.
-Transaction index changes
-The transaction index is now built separately from the main node procedure,
-meaning the `-txindex` flag can be toggled without a full reindex. If bitcoind
-is run with `-txindex` on a node that is already partially or fully synced
-without one, the transaction index will be built in the background and become
-available once caught up. When switching from running `-txindex` to running
-without the flag, the transaction index database will *not* be deleted
-automatically, meaning it could be turned back on at a later time without a 
-Miner block size removed
-The `-blockmaxsize` option for miners to limit their blocks' sizes was
-deprecated in V0.15.1, and has now been removed. Miners should use the
-`-blockmaxweight` option if they want to limit the weight of their blocks.
-Python Support
-Support for Python 2 has been discontinued for all test files and tools.
-0.17.0 change log
-### Consensus
-- #12204 `3fa24bb` Fix overly eager BIP30 bypass (morcos)
-### Policy
-- #12568 `ed6ae80` Allow dustrelayfee to be set to zero (luke-jr)
-- #13120 `ca2a233` Treat segwit as always active (MarcoFalke)
-- #13096 `062738c` Fix `MAX_STANDARD_TX_WEIGHT` check (jl2012)
-### Mining
-- #12693 `df529dc` Remove unused variable in SortForBlock (drewx2)
-- #12448 `84efa9a` Interrupt block generation on shutdown request (promag)
-### Block and transaction handling
-- #12225 `67447ba` Mempool cleanups (sdaftuar)
-- #12356 `fd65937` Fix 'mempool min fee not met' debug output (Empact)
-- #12287 `bf3353d` Optimise lock behaviour for GuessVerificationProgress() 
-- #11889 `47a7666` Drop extra script variable in ProduceSignature (ryanofsky)
-- #11880 `d59b8d6` Stop special-casing phashBlock handling in validation for 
TBV (TheBlueMatt)
-- #12431 `947c25e` Only call NotifyBlockTip when chainActive changes (jamesob)
-- #12653 `534b8fa` Allow to optional specify the directory for the blocks 
storage (jonasschnelli)
-- #12172 `3b62a91` Bugfix: RPC: savemempool: Don't save until LoadMempool() is 
finished (jtimon)
-- #12167 `88430cb` Make segwit failure due to `CLEANSTACK` violation return a 
`SCRIPT_ERR_CLEANSTACK` error code (maaku)
-- #12561 `24133b1` Check for block corruption in ConnectBlock() (sdaftuar)
-- #11617 `1b5723e` Avoid lock: Call FlushStateToDisk(…) regardless of 
fCheckForPruning (practicalswift)
-- #11739 `0a8b7b4` Enforce `SCRIPT_VERIFY_P2SH` and `SCRIPT_VERIFY_WITNESS` 
from genesis (sdaftuar)
-- #12885 `a49381d` Reduce implementation code inside CScript (sipa)
-- #13032 `34dd1a6` Output values for "min relay fee not met" error (kristapsk)
-- #13033 `a07e8ca` Build txindex in parallel with validation (jimpo)
-- #13080 `66cc47b` Add compile time checking for ::mempool.cs runtime locking 
assertions (practicalswift)
-- #13185 `08c1caf` Bugfix: the end of a reorged chain is invalid when connect 
fails (sipa)
-- #11689 `0264836` Fix missing locking in CTxMemPool::check(…) and 
CTxMemPool::setSanityCheck(…) (practicalswift)
-- #13011 `3c2a41a` Cache witness hash in CTransaction (MarcoFalke)
-- #13191 `0de7cc8` Specialized double-SHA256 with 64 byte inputs with SSE4.1 
and AVX2 (sipa)
-- #13243 `ea263e1` Make reusable base class for auxiliary indices (jimpo)
-- #13393 `a607d23` Enable double-SHA256-for-64-byte code on 32-bit x86 (sipa)
-- #13428 `caabdea` validation: check the specified number of blocks 
(off-by-one) (kallewoof)
-- #13438 `450055b` Improve coverage of SHA256 SelfTest code (sipa)
-- #13431 `954f4a9` validation: count blocks correctly for check level < 3 
-- #13386 `3a3eabe` SHA256 implementations based on Intel SHA Extensions (sipa)
-- #11658 `9a1ad2c` During IBD, when doing pruning, prune 10% extra to avoid 
pruning again soon after (luke-jr)
-- #13794 `8ce55df` chainparams: Update with data from assumed valid chain 
-- #13527 `e7ea858` Remove promiscuousmempoolflags (MarcoFalke)
-### P2P protocol and network code
-- #12342 `eaeaa2d` Extend #11583 ("Do not make it trivial for inbound peers to 
generate log entries") to include "version handshake timeout" message 
-- #12218 `9a32114` Move misbehaving logging to net logging category (laanwj)
-- #10387 `5c2aff8` Eventually connect to `NODE_NETWORK_LIMITED` peers 
-- #9037 `a36834f` Add test-before-evict discipline to addrman (EthanHeilman)
-- #12622 `e1d6e2a` Correct addrman logging (laanwj)
-- #11962 `0a01843` add seed.bitcoin.sprovoost.nl to DNS seeds (Sjors)
-- #12569 `23e7fe8` Increase signal-to-noise ratio in debug.log by adjusting 
log level when logging failed non-manual connect():s (practicalswift)
-- #12855 `c199869` Minor accumulated cleanups (tjps)
-- #13153 `ef46c99` Add missing newlines to debug logging (laanwj)
-- #13162 `a174702` Don't incorrectly log that REJECT messages are unknown 
-- #13151 `7f4db9a` Serve blocks directly from disk when possible (laanwj)
-- #13134 `70d3541` Add option `-enablebip61` to configure sending of BIP61 
notifications (laanwj)
-- #13532 `7209fec` Log warning when deprecated network name 'tor' is used 
-- #13615 `172f984` Remove unused interrupt from SendMessages (fanquake)
-- #13417 `1e90862` Tighten scope in `net_processing` (skeees)
-- #13298 `f8d470e` Bucketing INV delays (1 bucket) for incoming connections to 
hide tx time (naumenkogs)
-- #13672 `0d8d6be` Modified `in_addr6` cast in CConman class to work with msvc 
-- #11637 `c575260` Remove dead service bits code (MarcoFalke)
-- #13212 `a6f00ce` Fixed a race condition when disabling the network (lmanners)
-- #13656 `1211b15` Remove the boost/algorithm/string/predicate.hpp dependency 
-- #13423 `f58674a` Thread safety annotations in `net_processing` (skeees)
-- #13776 `7d36237` Add missing verification of IPv6 address in 
CNetAddr::GetIn6Addr(…) (practicalswift)
-- #13907 `48bf8ff` Introduce a maximum size for locators (gmaxwell)
-- #13951 `8a9ffec` Hardcoded seeds update pre-0.17 branch (laanwj)
-### Wallet
-- #12330 `2a30e67` Reduce scope of `cs_main` and `cs_wallet` locks in 
listtransactions (promag)
-- #12298 `a1ffddb` Refactor HaveKeys to early return on false result (promag)
-- #12282 `663911e` Disallow abandon of conflicted txes (MarcoFalke)
-- #12333 `d405bee` Make CWallet::ListCoins atomic (promag)
-- #12296 `8e6f9f4` Only fee-bump non-conflicted/non-confirmed txes (MarcoFalke)
-- #11866 `6bb9c13` Do not un-mark fInMempool on wallet txn if ATMP fails 
-- #11882 `987a809` Disable default fallbackfee on mainnet (jonasschnelli)
-- #9991 `4ca7c1e` listreceivedbyaddress Filter Address (NicolasDorier)
-- #11687 `98bc27f` External wallet files (ryanofsky)
-- #12658 `af88094` Sanitize some wallet serialization (sipa)
-- #9680 `6acd870` Unify CWalletTx construction (ryanofsky)
-- #10637 `e057589` Coin Selection with Murch's algorithm (achow101, Xekyo)
-- #12408 `c39dd2e` Change output type globals to members (MarcoFalke)
-- #12694 `9552dfb` Actually disable BnB when there are preset inputs (achow101)
-- #11536 `cead84b` Rename account to label where appropriate (ryanofsky)
-- #12709 `02b7e83` shuffle sendmany recipients ordering (instagibbs)
-- #12699 `c948dc8` Shuffle transaction inputs before signing (instagibbs)
-- #10762 `6d53663` Remove Wallet dependencies from init.cpp (jnewbery)
-- #12857 `821980c` Avoid travis lint-include-guards error (ken2812221)
-- #12702 `dab0d68` importprivkey: hint about importmulti (kallewoof)
-- #12836 `9abdb7c` Make WalletInitInterface and DummyWalletInit private, fix 
nullptr deref (promag)
-- #12785 `215158a` Initialize `m_last_block_processed` to nullptr 
-- #12932 `8d651ae` Remove redundant lambda function arg in 
handleTransactionChanged (laanwj)
-- #12749 `a84b056` feebumper: discard change outputs below discard rate 
-- #12892 `9b3370d` introduce 'label' API for wallet (jnewbery)
-- #12925 `6d3de17` Logprint the start of a rescan (jonasschnelli)
-- #12888 `39439e5` debug log number of unknown wallet records on load 
-- #12977 `434150a` Refactor `g_wallet_init_interface` to const reference 
-- #13017 `65d7083` Add wallets management functions (promag)
-- #12953 `d1d54ae` Deprecate accounts (jnewbery)
-- #12909 `476cb35` Make fee settings to be non-static members (MarcoFalke)
-- #13002 `487dcbe` Do not treat bare multisig outputs as IsMine unless watched 
-- #13028 `783bb64` Make vpwallets usage thread safe (promag)
-- #12507 `2afdc29` Interrupt rescan on shutdown request (promag)
-- #12729 `979150b` Get rid of ambiguous OutputType::NONE value (ryanofsky)
-- #13079 `5778d44` Fix rescanblockchain rpc to properly report progress 
-- #12560 `e03c0db` Upgrade path for non-HD wallets to HD (achow101)
-- #13161 `7cc1bd3` Reset BerkeleyDB handle after connection fails 
-- #13081 `0dec5b5` Add compile time checking for `cs_wallet` runtime locking 
assertions (practicalswift)
-- #13127 `19a3a9e` Add Clang thread safety annotations for variables guarded 
by `cs_db` (practicalswift)
-- #10740 `4cfe17c` `loadwallet` RPC - load wallet at runtime (jnewbery)
-- #12924 `6738813` Fix hdmaster-key / seed-key confusion (scripted diff) 
-- #13297 `d82c5d1` Fix incorrect comment for DeriveNewSeed (jnewbery)
-- #13063 `6378eef` Use shared pointer to retain wallet instance (promag)
-- #13142 `56fe3dc` Separate IsMine from solvability (sipa)
-- #13194 `fd96d54` Remove template matching and pseudo opcodes (sipa)
-- #13252 `c4cc8d9` Refactor ReserveKeyFromKeyPool for safety (Empact)
-- #13058 `343d4e4` `createwallet` RPC - create new wallet at runtime (jnewbery)
-- #13351 `2140f6c` Prevent segfault when sending to unspendable witness 
-- #13060 `3f0f394` Remove getlabeladdress RPC (jnewbery)
-- #13111 `000abbb` Add unloadwallet RPC (promag)
-- #13160 `868cf43` Unlock spent outputs (promag)
-- #13498 `f54f373` Fixups from account API deprecation (jnewbery)
-- #13491 `61a044a` Improve handling of INVALID in IsMine (sipa)
-- #13425 `028b0d9` Moving final scriptSig construction from CombineSignatures 
to ProduceSignature (PSBT signer logic) (achow101)
-- #13564 `88a15eb` loadwallet shouldn't create new wallets (jnewbery)
-- #12944 `619cd29` ScanforWalletTransactions should mark input txns as dirty 
-- #13630 `d6b2235` Drop unused pindexRet arg to CMerkleTx::GetDepthInMainChain 
-- #13566 `ad552a5` Fix get balance (jnewbery)
-- #13500 `4a3e8c5` Decouple wallet version from client version (achow101)
-- #13712 `aba2e66` Fix non-determinism in ParseHDKeypath(…). Avoid using an 
uninitialized variable in path calculation (practicalswift)
-- #9662 `6b6e854` Add createwallet "disableprivatekeys" option: a sane mode 
for watchonly-wallets (jonasschnelli)
-- #13683 `e8c7434` Introduce assertion to document the assumption that cache 
and cache_used are always set in tandem (practicalswift)
-- #12257 `5f7575e` Use destination groups instead of coins in coin select 
-- #13773 `89a116d` Fix accidental use of the comma operator (practicalswift)
-- #13805 `c88529a` Correctly limit output group size (sdaftuar)
-- #12992 `26f59f5` Add wallet name to log messages (PierreRochard)
-- #13667 `b81a8a5` Fix backupwallet for multiwallets (domob1812)
-- #13657 `51c693d` assert to ensure accuracy of CMerkleTx::GetBlocksToMaturity 
-- #13812 `9d86aad` sum ancestors rather than taking max in output groups 
-- #13876 `8eb9870` Catch `filesystem_error` and raise `InitError` (MarcoFalke)
-- #13808 `13d51a2` shuffle coins before grouping, where warranted (kallewoof)
-- #13666 `2115cba` Always create signatures with Low R values (achow101)
-- #13917 `0333914` Additional safety checks in PSBT signer (sipa)
-- #13968 `65e7a8b` couple of walletcreatefundedpsbt fixes (instagibbs)
-- #14055 `2307a6e` fix walletcreatefundedpsbt deriv paths, add test 
-### RPC and other APIs
-- #12336 `3843780` Remove deprecated rpc options (jnewbery)
-- #12193 `5dc00f6` Consistently use UniValue.pushKV instead of 
push_back(Pair()) (karel-3d) (MarcoFalke)
-- #12409 `0cc45ed` Reject deprecated reserveChangeKey in fundrawtransaction 
-- #10583 `8a98dfe` Split part of validateaddress into getaddressinfo (achow101)
-- #10579 `ffc6e48` Split signrawtransaction into wallet and non-wallet RPC 
command (achow101)
-- #12494 `e4ffcac` Declare CMutableTransaction a struct in rawtransaction.h 
-- #12503 `0e26591` createmultisig no longer takes addresses (instagibbs)
-- #12083 `228b086` Improve getchaintxstats test coverage (promag)
-- #12479 `cd5e438` Add child transactions to getrawmempool verbose output 
-- #11872 `702e8b7` createrawtransaction: Accept sorted outputs (MarcoFalke)
-- #12700 `ebdf84c` Document RPC method aliasing (ryanofsky)
-- #12727 `8ee5c7b` Remove unreachable help conditions in rpcwallet.cpp 
-- #12778 `b648974` Add username and ip logging for RPC method requests 
-- #12717 `ac898b6` rest: Handle utxo retrieval when ignoring the mempool 
-- #12787 `cd99e5b` Adjust ifdef to avoid unreachable code (practicalswift)
-- #11742 `18815b4` Add testmempoolaccept (MarcoFalke)
-- #12942 `fefb817` Drop redundant testing of signrawtransaction prevtxs args 
-- #11200 `5f2a399` Allow for aborting rescans in the GUI (achow101)
-- #12791 `3a8a4dc` Expose a transaction's weight via RPC (TheBlueMatt)
-- #12436 `6e67754` Adds a functional test to validate the transaction version 
number in the RPC output (251Labs)
-- #12240 `6f8b345` Introduced a new `fees` structure that aggregates all 
sub-field fee types denominated in BTC (mryandao)
-- #12321 `eac067a` p2wsh and p2sh-p2wsh address in decodescript (fivepiece)
-- #13090 `17266a1` Remove Safe mode (achow101, laanwj)
-- #12639 `7eb7076` Reduce `cs_main` lock in listunspent (promag)
-- #10267 `7b966d9` New -includeconf argument for including external 
configuration files (kallewoof)
-- #10757 `b9551d3` Introduce getblockstats to plot things (jtimon)
-- #13288 `a589f53` Remove the need to include rpc/blockchain.cpp in order to 
put `GetDifficulty` under test (Empact)
-- #13394 `e1f8dce` cli: Ignore libevent warnings (theuni)
-- #13439 `3f398d7` Avoid "duplicate" return value for invalid submitblock 
-- #13570 `a247594` Add new "getzmqnotifications" method (domob1812)
-- #13072 `b25a4c2` Update createmultisig RPC to support segwit (ajtowns)
-- #12196 `8fceae0` Add scantxoutset RPC method (jonasschnelli)
-- #13557 `b654723` BIP 174 PSBT Serializations and RPCs (achow101)
-- #13697 `f030410` Support output descriptors in scantxoutset (sipa)
-- #13927 `bced8ea` Use pushKV in some new PSBT RPCs (domob1812)
-- #13918 `a9c56b6` Replace median fee rate with feerate percentiles in 
getblockstats (marcinja)
-- #13721 `9f23c16` Bugfixes for BIP 174 combining and deserialization 
-- #13960 `517010e` Fix PSBT deserialization of 0-input transactions (achow101)
-### GUI
-- #12416 `c997f88` Fix Windows build errors introduced in #10498 
-- #11733 `e782099` Remove redundant locks (practicalswift)
-- #12426 `bfa3911` Initialize members in WalletModel (MarcoFalke)
-- #12489 `e117cfe` Bugfix: respect user defined configuration file (-conf) in 
QT settings (jonasschnelli)
-- #12421 `be263fa` navigate to  transaction history page after send (Sjors)
-- #12580 `ce56fdd` Show a transaction's virtual size in its details dialog 
-- #12501 `c8ea91a` Improved "custom fee" explanation in tooltip (randolf)
-- #12616 `cff95a6` Set modal overlay hide button as default (promag)
-- #12620 `8a43bdc` Remove TransactionTableModel::TxIDRole (promag)
-- #12080 `56cc022` Add support to search the address book (promag)
-- #12621 `2bac3e4` Avoid querying unnecessary model data when filtering 
transactions (promag)
-- #12721 `e476826` remove "new" button during receive-mode in addressbook 
-- #12723 `310dc61` Qt5: Warning users about invalid-BIP21 URI bitcoin:// (krab)
-- #12610 `25cf18f` Multiwallet for the GUI (jonasschnelli)
-- #12779 `f4353da` Remove unused method setupAmountWidget(…) (practicalswift)
-- #12795 `68484d6` do not truncate .dat extension for wallets in gui 
-- #12870 `1d54004` make clean removes `src/qt/moc_` files (Sjors)
-- #13055 `bdda14d` Don't log to console by default (laanwj)
-- #13141 `57c57df` fixes broken link on readme (marcoagner)
-- #12928 `ef006d9` Initialize non-static class members that were previously 
neither initialized where defined nor in constructor (practicalswift)
-- #13158 `81c533c` Improve sendcoinsdialog readability (marcoagner)
-- #11491 `40c34a0` Add proxy icon in statusbar (mess110)
-- #13264 `2a7c53b` Satoshi unit (GreatSock)
-- #13097 `e545503` Support wallets loaded dynamically (promag)
-- #13284 `f8be434` fix visual "overflow" of amount input (brandonrninefive)
-- #13275 `a315b79` use `[default wallet]` as name for wallet with no name 
-- #13273 `3fd0c23` Qt/Bugfix: fix handling default wallet with no name 
-- #13341 `25d2df2` Stop translating command line options (laanwj)
-- #13043 `6e249e4` OptionsDialog: add prune setting (Sjors)
-- #13506 `6579d80` load wallet in UI after possible init aborts (jonasschnelli)
-- #13458 `dc53f7f` Drop qt4 support (laanwj)
-- #13528 `b877c39` Move BitcoinGUI initializers to class, fix initializer 
order warning (laanwj)
-- #13536 `baf3a3a` coincontrol: Remove unused qt4 workaround (MarcoFalke)
-- #13537 `10ffca7` Peer table: Visualize inbound/outbound state for every row 
-- #13791 `2c14c1f` Reject dialogs if key escape is pressed (promag)
+ change log
 ### Build system
-- #12371 `c9ca4f6` Add gitian PGP key: akx20000 (ghost)
-- #11966 `f4f4f51` clientversion: Use full commit hash for commit-based 
version descriptions (luke-jr)
-- #12417 `ae0fbf0` Upgrade `mac_alias` to 2.0.7 (droark)
-- #12444 `1f055ef` gitian: Bump descriptors for (0.)17 (theuni)
-- #12402 `59e032b` expat 2.2.5, ccache 3.4.1, miniupnpc 2.0.20180203 (fanquake)
-- #12029 `daa84b3` Add a makefile target for Doxygen documentation (Ov3rlo4d)
-- #12466 `6645eaf` Only use `D_DARWIN_C_SOURCE` when building miniupnpc on 
darwin (fanquake)
-- #11986 `765a3eb` zeromq 4.2.3 (fanquake)
-- #12373 `f13d756` Add build support for profiling (murrayn)
-- #12631 `a312e20` gitian: Alphabetize signing keys & add kallewoof key 
-- #12607 `29fad97` Remove ccache (fanquake)
-- #12625 `c4219ff` biplist 1.0.3 (fanquake)
-- #12666 `05042d3` configure: UniValue 1.0.4 is required for pushKV(, bool) 
-- #12678 `6324c68` Fix a few compilation issues with Clang 7 and -Werror 
-- #12692 `de6bdfd` Add configure options for various -fsanitize flags 
-- #12901 `7e23972` Show enabled sanitizers in configure output (practicalswift)
-- #12899 `3076993` macOS: Prevent Xcode 9.3 build warnings (AkioNak)
-- #12715 `8fd6243` Add 'make clean' rule (hkjn)
-- #13133 `a024a18` Remove python2 from configure.ac (ken2812221)
-- #13005 `cb088b1` Make --enable-debug to pick better options (practicalswift)
-- #13254 `092b366` Remove improper `qt/moc_*` cleaning glob from the general 
Makefile (Empact)
-- #13306 `f5a7733` split warnings out of CXXFLAGS (theuni)
-- #13385 `7c7508c` Guard against accidental introduction of new Boost 
dependencies (practicalswift)
-- #13041 `5779dc4` Add linter checking for accidental introduction of locale 
dependence (practicalswift)
-- #13408 `70a03c6` crypto: cleanup sha256 build (theuni)
-- #13435 `cf7ca60` When build fails due to lib missing, indicate which one 
-- #13445 `8eb76f3` Reset default -g -O2 flags when enable debug (ken2812221)
-- #13465 `81069a7` Avoid concurrency issue when make multiple target 
-- #13454 `45c00f8` Make sure `LC_ALL=C` is set in all shell scripts 
-- #13480 `31145a3` Avoid copies in range-for loops and add a warning to detect 
them (theuni)
-- #13486 `66e1a08` Move rpc/util.cpp from libbitcoin-util to libbitcoin-server 
-- #13580 `40334c7` Detect if char equals `int8_t` (ken2812221)
-- #12788 `287e4ed` Tune wildcards for LIBSECP256K1 target (kallewoof)
-- #13611 `b55f0c3` bugfix: Use `__cpuid_count` for gnu C to avoid gitian build 
fail (ken2812221)
-- #12971 `a6d14b1` Upgrade Qt to 5.9.6 (TheCharlatan)
-- #13543 `6c6a300` Add RISC-V support (laanwj)
-- #13177 `dcb154e` GCC-7 and glibc-2.27 back compat code (ken2812221)
-- #13659 `90b1c7e` add missing leveldb defines (theuni)
-- #13368 `c0f1569` Update gitian-build.sh for docker (achow101)
-- #13171 `19d8ca5` Change gitian-descriptors to use bionic instead (ken2812221)
-- #13604 `75bea05` Add depends 32-bit arm support for bitcoin-qt (TheCharlatan)
-- #13623 `9cdb19f` Migrate gitian-build.sh to python (ken2812221)
-- #13689 `8c36432` disable Werror when building zmq (greenaddress)
-- #13617 `cf7f9ae` release: Require macos 10.10+ (fanquake)
-- #13750 `c883653` use MacOS friendly sed syntax in qt.mk (Sjors)
-- #13095 `415f2bf` update `ax_boost_chrono`/`unit_test_framework` (fanquake)
-- #13732 `e8ffec6` Fix Qt's rcc determinism (Fuzzbawls)
-- #13782 `8284f1d` Fix osslsigncode compile issue in gitian-build (ken2812221)
-- #13696 `2ab7208` Add aarch64 qt depends support for cross compiling 
bitcoin-qt (TheCharlatan)
-- #13705 `b413ba0` Add format string linter (practicalswift)
-- #14000 `48c8459` fix qt determinism (theuni)
-- #14018 `3e4829a` Bugfix: NSIS: Exclude `Makefile*` from docs (luke-jr)
-- #12906 `048ac83` Avoid `interface` keyword to fix windows gitian build 
-- #13314 `a9b6957` Fix FreeBSD build by including utilstrencodings.h (laanwj)
-### Tests and QA
-- #12252 `8d57319` Require all tests to follow naming convention (ajtowns)
-- #12295 `935eb8d` Enable flake8 warnings for all currently non-violated rules 
-- #11858 `b4d8549` Prepare tests for Windows (MarcoFalke)
-- #11771 `2dbc4a4` Change invalidtxrequest to use BitcoinTestFramework 
-- #12200 `d09968f` Bind functional test nodes to (Sjors)
-- #12425 `26dc2da` Add some script tests (richardkiss)
-- #12455 `23481fa` Fix bip68 sequence test to reflect updated rpc error 
message (Empact)
-- #12477 `acd1e61` Plug memory leaks and stack-use-after-scope (MarcoFalke)
-- #12443 `07090c5` Move common args to bitcoin.conf (MarcoFalke)
-- #12570 `39dcac2` Add test cases for HexStr (`std::reverse_iterator` and 
corner cases) (kostaz)
-- #12582 `6012f1c` Fix ListCoins test failure due to unset 
`g_wallet_allow_fallback_fee` (ryanofsky)
-- #12516 `7f99964` Avoid unintentional unsigned integer wraparounds in tests 
-- #12512 `955fd23` Don't test against the mempool min fee information in 
mempool_limit.py (Empact)
-- #12600 `29088b1` Add a test for large tx output scripts with segwit input 
-- #12627 `791c3ea` Fix some tests to work on native windows (MarcoFalke)
-- #12405 `0f58d7f` travis: Full clone for git subtree check (MarcoFalke)
-- #11772 `0630974` Change invalidblockrequest to use BitcoinTestFramework 
-- #12681 `1846296` Fix ComputeTimeSmart test failure with `-DDEBUG_LOCKORDER` 
-- #12682 `9f04c8e` travis: Clone depth 1 unless `$check_doc` (MarcoFalke)
-- #12710 `00d1680` Append scripts to new `test_list` array to fix bad 
assignment (jeffrade)
-- #12720 `872c921` Avoiding 'file' function name from python2 (jeffrade)
-- #12728 `4ba3d4f` rename TestNode to TestP2PConn in tests (jnewbery)
-- #12746 `2405ce1` Remove unused argument `max_invalid` from 
`check_estimates(…)` (practicalswift)
-- #12718 `185d484` Require exact match in `assert_start_raises_init_eror` 
(jnewbery, MarcoFalke)
-- #12076 `6d36f59` Use node.datadir instead of tmpdir in test framework 
-- #12772 `b43aba8` ci: Bump travis timeout for make check to 50m (jnewbery)
-- #12806 `18606eb` Fix function names in `feature_blocksdir` (MarcoFalke)
-- #12811 `0d8fc8d` Make summary row bold-red if any test failed and show 
failed tests at end of table (laanwj)
-- #12790 `490644d` Use blockmaxweight where tests previously had blockmaxsize 
-- #11773 `f0f9732` Change `feature_block.py` to use BitcoinTestFramework 
-- #12839 `40f4baf` Remove travis checkout depth (laanwj)
-- #11817 `2a09a78` Change `feature_csv_activation.py` to use 
BitcoinTestFramework (jnewbery)
-- #12284 `fa5825d` Remove assigned but never used local variables. Enable 
Travis checking for unused local variables (practicalswift)
-- #12719 `9beded5` Add note about test suite naming convention in 
developer-notes.md (practicalswift)
-- #12861 `c564424` Stop `feature_block.py` from blowing up memory (jnewbery)
-- #12851 `648252e` travis: Run verify-commits only on cron jobs (MarcoFalke)
-- #12853 `2106c4c` Match full plain text by default (MarcoFalke)
-- #11818 `9a2db3b` I accidentally (deliberately) killed it (the 
ComparisonTestFramework) (jnewbery)
-- #12766 `69310a3` Tidy up REST interface functional tests (romanz)
-- #12849 `83c7533` Add logging in loops in `p2p_sendhears.py` (ccdle12)
-- #12895 `d6f10b2` Add note about test suite name uniqueness requirement to 
developer notes (practicalswift)
-- #12856 `27278df` Add Metaclass for BitcoinTestFramework (WillAyd)
-- #12918 `6fc5a05` Assert on correct variable (kallewoof)
-- #11878 `a04440f` Add Travis check for duplicate includes (practicalswift)
-- #12917 `cf8073f` Windows fixups for functional tests (MarcoFalke)
-- #12926 `dd1ca9e` Run unit tests in parallel (sipa)
-- #12920 `b1fdfc1` Fix sign for expected values (kallewoof)
-- #12947 `979f598` Wallet hd functional test speedup and clarification 
-- #12993 `0d69921` Remove compatibility code not needed now when we're on 
Python 3 (practicalswift)
-- #12996 `6a278e0` Remove redundant bytes(…) calls (practicalswift)
-- #12949 `6b46288` Avoid copies of CTransaction (MarcoFalke)
-- #13007 `0d12570` Fix dangling wallet pointer in vpwallets (promag)
-- #13048 `cac6d11` Fix `feature_block` flakiness (jnewbery)
-- #12510 `d5b2e98` Add `rpc_bind` test to default-run tests (laanwj)
-- #13022 `896a9d0` Attach node index to `test_node` AssertionError and print 
messages (jamesob)
-- #13024 `018c7e5` Add rpcauth pair that generated by rpcauth.py (ken2812221)
-- #13013 `a0079d4` bench: Amend `mempool_eviction` test for witness txs 
-- #13051 `e074097` Normalize executable location (MarcoFalke)
-- #13056 `106d929` Make rpcauth.py testable and add unit tests (nixbox)
-- #13073 `a785bc3` add rpcauth-test to `AC_CONFIG_LINKS` to fix out-of-tree 
make check (laanwj)
-- #12830 `25ad2f7` Clarify address book error messages, add tests (jamesob)
-- #13082 `24106a8` don't test against min relay fee information in 
`mining_prioritisetransaction.py` (kristapsk)
-- #13003 `8d045a0` Add test for orphan handling (MarcoFalke)
-- #13105 `9e9b48d` Add --failfast option to functional test runner (jamesob)
-- #13130 `3186ad4` Fix race in `rpc_deprecated.py` (jnewbery)
-- #13136 `baf6b4e` Fix flake8 warnings in several wallet functional tests 
-- #13094 `bf9b03d` Add test for 64-bit Windows PE, modify 32-bit test results 
-- #13183 `9458b05` travis: New travis job for `check_docs` steps (glaksmono)
-- #12265 `1834d4d` fundrawtransaction: lock watch-only shared address 
-- #13188 `4a50ec0` Remove unused option --srcdir (MarcoFalke)
-- #12755 `612ba35` Better stderr testing (jnewbery)
-- #13198 `196c5a9` Avoid printing to console during cache creation (sdaftuar)
-- #13075 `cb9bbf7` Remove 'account' API from wallet functional tests (jnewbery)
-- #13221 `ffa86af` travis: Rename the build stage `check_doc` to `lint` 
-- #13205 `3cbd25f` Remove spurious error log in `p2p_segwit.py` (jnewbery)
-- #13291 `536120e` Don't include torcontrol.cpp into the test file (Empact)
-- #13281 `2ac6315` Move linters to test/lint, add readme (MarcoFalke)
-- #13215 `f8a29ca` travis: Build tests on ubuntu 18.04 with docker (ken2812221)
-- #13349 `24f7011` bench: Don't return a bool from main (laanwj)
-- #13347 `87a9d03` travis: Skip cache for lint stage (MarcoFalke)
-- #13355 `0b1c0c4` Fix "gmake check" under OpenBSD 6.3 (probably `*BSD`): 
Avoid using GNU grep specific regexp handling (practicalswift)
-- #13353 `d4f6dac` Fixup setting of PATH env var (MarcoFalke)
-- #13352 `e24bf1c` Avoid checking reject code for now (MarcoFalke)
-- #13383 `2722a1f` bench: Use non-throwing parsedouble(…) instead of throwing 
boost::lexical_cast<double>(…) (practicalswift)
-- #13367 `264efdc` Increase includeconf test coverage (MarcoFalke)
-- #13404 `3d3d8ae` speed up of `tx_validationcache_tests` by reusing of 
CTransaction (lucash-dev)
-- #13421 `531a033` Remove `portseed_offset` from test runner (MarcoFalke)
-- #13440 `5315660` Log as utf-8 (MarcoFalke)
-- #13066 `fa4b906` Migrate verify-commits script to python, run in travis 
-- #13447 `4b1edd3` travis: Increase `travis_wait` time while verifying commits 
-- #13350 `f532d52` Add logging to provide anchor points when debugging 
p2p_sendheaders (lmanners)
-- #13406 `4382f19` travis: Change mac goal to all deploy (ken2812221)
-- #13457 `b222138` Drop variadic macro (MarcoFalke)
-- #13512 `3a45493` mininode: Expose connection state through `is_connected` 
-- #13496 `9ab4c2a` Harden lint-filenames.sh (wodry)
-- #13219 `08516e0` bench: Add block assemble benchmark (MarcoFalke)
-- #13530 `b1dc39d` bench: Add missing pow.h header (laanwj)
-- #12686 `2643fa5` Add -ftrapv to CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS when --enable-debug is 
used. Enable -ftrapv in Travis (practicalswift)
-- #12882 `d96bdd7` Make `test_bitcoin` pass under ThreadSanitzer (clang). Fix 
lock-order-inversion (potential deadlock) (practicalswift)
-- #13535 `2328039` `wallet_basic`: Specify minimum required amount for 
listunspent (MarcoFalke)
-- #13551 `c93c360` Fix incorrect documentation for test case 
`cuckoocache_hit_rate_ok` (practicalswift)
-- #13563 `b330f3f` bench: Simplify coinselection (promag)
-- #13517 `a6ed99a` Remove need to handle the network thread in tests 
-- #13522 `686e97a` Fix `p2p_sendheaders` race (jnewbery)
-- #13467 `3dc2dcf` Make `p2p_segwit` easier to debug (jnewbery)
-- #13598 `0212187` bench: Fix incorrect behaviour in prevector.cpp (AkioNak)
-- #13565 `b05ded1` Fix AreInputsStandard test to reference the proper 
scriptPubKey (Empact)
-- #13145 `d3dae3d` Use common getPath method to create temp directory in tests 
-- #13645 `2ea7eb6` skip `rpc_zmq` functional test as necessary (jamesob)
-- #13626 `8f1106d` Fix some TODOs in `p2p_segwit` (MarcoFalke)
-- #13138 `8803c91` Remove accounts from `wallet_importprunedfunds.py` 
-- #13663 `cbc9b50` Avoid read/write to default datadir (MarcoFalke)
-- #13682 `f8a32a3` bench: Remove unused variable (practicalswift)
-- #13638 `6fcdb5e` Use `MAX_SCRIPT_ELEMENT_SIZE` from script.py (domob1812)
-- #13687 `9d26b69` travis: Check that ~/.bitcoin is never created (MarcoFalke)
-- #13715 `e1260a7` fixes mininode's P2PConnection sending messages on closing 
transport (marcoagner)
-- #13729 `aa9429a` travis: Avoid unnecessarily setting env variables on the 
lint build (Empact)
-- #13747 `ab28b5b` Skip P2PConnection's `is_closing()` check when not 
available (domob1812)
-- #13650 `7a9bca6` travis: Don't store debug info if --enable-debug is set 
-- #13711 `f98d1e0` bench: Add benchmark for unserialize prevector (AkioNak)
-- #13771 `365384f` travis: Retry to fetch docker image (MarcoFalke)
-- #13806 `4d550ff` Fix `bench/block_assemble` assert failure (jamesob)
-- #13779 `d25079a` travis: Improve readability of travis.yml and log outputs 
-- #13822 `0fb9c87` bench: Make coinselection output groups pass eligibility 
filter (achow101)
-- #13247 `e83d82a` Add tests to SingleThreadedSchedulerClient() and document 
the memory model (skeees)
-- #13811 `660abc1` travis: Run `bench_bitcoin` once (MarcoFalke)
-- #13837 `990e182` Extract `rpc_timewait` as test param (MarcoFalke)
-- #13851 `9c4324d` fix locale for lint-shell (scravy)
-- #13823 `489b51b` quote path in authproxy for external multiwallets 
-- #13849 `2b67354` travis: Use only travis jobs: instead of mix of jobs+matrix 
-- #13859 `2384323` Add emojis to `test_runner` path and wallet filename 
-- #13916 `8ac7125` `wait_for_verack` by default (MarcoFalke)
-- #13669 `f66e1c7` Cleanup `create_transaction` implementations (conscott)
-- #13924 `09ada21` Simplify comparison in `rpc_blockchain.py` (domob1812)
-- #13913 `a08533c` Remove redundant checkmempool/checkblockindex `extra_args` 
-- #13915 `a04888a` Add test for max number of entries in locator (MarcoFalke)
-- #13867 `1b04b55` Make extended tests pass on native Windows (MarcoFalke)
-- #13944 `0df7a6c` Port usage of deprecated optparse module to argparse module 
-- #13928 `b8eb0df` blocktools enforce named args for amount (MarcoFalke)
-- #13054 `bffb35f` Enable automatic detection of undefined names in Python 
tests scripts. Remove wildcard imports (practicalswift)
-- #14069 `cf3d7f9` Use assert not `BOOST_CHECK_*` from multithreaded tests 
-- #14071 `fab0fbe` Stop txindex thread before calling destructor (MarcoFalke)
-### Miscellaneous
-- #11909 `8897135` contrib: Replace developer keys with list of pgp 
fingerprints (MarcoFalke)
-- #12394 `fe53d5f` gitian-builder.sh: fix --setup doc, since lxc is default 
-- #12468 `294a766` Add missing newline in init.cpp log message (Aesti)
-- #12308 `dcfe218` contrib: Add support for out-of-tree builds in 
gen-manpages.sh (laanwj)
-- #12451 `aae64a2` Bump leveldb subtree (MarcoFalke)
-- #12527 `d77b4a7` gitian-build.sh: fix signProg being recognized as two 
parameters (ken2812221)
-- #12588 `d74b01d` utils: Remove deprecated pyzmq call from python zmq example 
-- #10271 `bc67982` Use `std::thread::hardware_concurrency`, instead of Boost, 
to determine available cores (fanquake)
-- #12097 `14475e2` scripts: Lint-whitespace: use perl instead of grep -p 
-- #12098 `17c44b2` scripts: Lint-whitespace: add param to check last n commits 
-- #11900 `842f61a` script: Simplify checkminimalpush checks, add safety assert 
-- #12567 `bb98aec` util: Print timestamp strings in logs using iso 8601 
formatting (practicalswift)
-- #12572 `d8d9162` script: Lint-whitespace: find errors more easily (AkioNak)
-- #10694 `ae5bcc7` Remove redundant code in MutateTxSign(CMutableTransaction&, 
const std::string&) (practicalswift)
-- #12659 `3d16f58` Improve Fatal LevelDB Log Messages (eklitzke)
-- #12643 `0f0229d` util: Remove unused `sync_chain` (MarcoFalke)
-- #12102 `7fb8fb4` Apply hardening measures in bitcoind systemd service file 
-- #12652 `55f490a` bitcoin-cli: Provide a better error message when bitcoind 
is not running (practicalswift)
-- #12630 `c290508` Provide useful error message if datadir is not writable 
-- #11881 `624bee9` Remove Python2 support (jnewbery)
-- #12821 `082e26c` contrib: Remove unused import string (MarcoFalke)
-- #12829 `252c1b0` Python3 fixup (jnewbery)
-- #12822 `ff48f62` Revert 7deba93bdc76616011a9f493cbc203d60084416f and fix 
expired-key-sigs properly (TheBlueMatt)
-- #12820 `5e53b80` contrib: Fix check-doc script regexes (MarcoFalke)
-- #12713 `4490871` Track negated options in the option parser (eklitzke)
-- #12708 `b2e5fe8` Make verify-commits.sh test that merges are clean (sipa)
-- #12891 `3190785` logging: Add lint-logs.sh to check for newline termination 
-- #12923 `a7cbe38` util: Pass `pthread_self()` to `pthread_setschedparam` 
instead of 0 (laanwj)
-- #12871 `fb17fae` Add shell script linting: Check for shellcheck warnings in 
shell scripts (practicalswift)
-- #12970 `5df84de` logging: Bypass timestamp formatting when not logging 
-- #12987 `fe8fa22` tests/tools: Enable additional Python flake8 rules for 
automatic linting via Travis (practicalswift)
-- #12972 `0782508` Add python3 script shebang lint (ken2812221)
-- #13004 `58bbc55` Print to console by default when not run with -daemon 
-- #13039 `8b4081a` Add logging and error handling for file syncing (laanwj)
-- #13020 `4741ca5` Consistently log CValidationState on call failure (Empact)
-- #13031 `826acc9` Fix for utiltime to compile with msvc (sipsorcery)
-- #13119 `81743b5` Remove script to clean up datadirs (MarcoFalke)
-- #12954 `5a66642` util: Refactor logging code into a global object (jimpo)
-- #12769 `35eb9d6` Add systemd service to bitcoind in debian package (ghost)
-- #13146 `0bc980b` rpcauth: Make it possible to provide a custom password 
-- #13148 `b62b437` logging: Fix potential use-after-free in logprintstr(…) 
-- #13214 `0612d96` Enable Travis checking for two Python linting rules we are 
currently not violating (practicalswift)
-- #13197 `6826989` util: Warn about ignored recursive -includeconf calls 
-- #13176 `d9ebb63` Improve CRollingBloomFilter performance: replace modulus 
with FastMod (martinus)
-- #13228 `d792e47` Add script to detect circular dependencies between source 
modules (sipa)
-- #13320 `e08c130` Ensure gitian-build.sh uses bash (jhfrontz)
-- #13301 `e4082d5` lint: Add linter to error on `#include <*.cpp>` (Empact)
-- #13374 `56f6936` utils and libraries: checking for bitcoin address in 
translations (kaplanmaxe)
-- #13230 `7c32b41` Simplify include analysis by enforcing the developer 
guide's include syntax (practicalswift)
-- #13450 `32bf4c6` Add linter: Enforce the source code file naming convention 
described in the developer notes (practicalswift)
-- #13479 `fa2ea37` contrib: Fix cve-2018-12356 by hardening the regex 
-- #13448 `a90ca40` Add linter: Make sure we explicitly open all text files 
using UTF-8 encoding in Python (practicalswift)
-- #13494 `d67eff8` Follow-up to #13454: Fix broken build by exporting 
`LC_ALL=C` (practicalswift)
-- #13510 `03f3925` Scripts and tools: Obsolete #!/bin/bash shebang (DesWurstes)
-- #13577 `c9eb8d1` logging: Avoid nstart may be used uninitialized in 
appinitmain warning (mruddy)
-- #13603 `453ae5e` bitcoin-tx: Stricter check for valid integers (domob1812)
-- #13118 `c05c93c` RPCAuth Detection in Logs (Linrono)
-- #13647 `4027ec1` Scripts and tools: Fix `BIND_NOW` check in 
security-check.py (conradoplg)
-- #13692 `f5d166a` contrib: Clone core repo in gitian-build (MarcoFalke)
-- #13699 `4c6d1b9` contrib: Correct version check (kallewoof)
-- #13695 `dcc0cff` lint: Add linter for circular dependencies (Empact)
-- #13733 `0d1ebf4` utils: Refactor argsmanager a little (AtsukiTak)
-- #13714 `29b4ee6` contrib: Add lxc network setup for bionic host (ken2812221)
-- #13764 `f8685f4` contrib: Fix test-security-check fail in ubuntu 18.04 
-- #13809 `77168f7` contrib: Remove debian and rpm subfolder (MarcoFalke)
-- #13799 `230652c` Ignore unknown config file options; warn instead of error 
-- #13894 `df9f712` shutdown: Stop threads before resetting ptrs (MarcoFalke)
-- #13925 `71dec5c` Merge leveldb subtree (MarcoFalke)
-- #13939 `ef86f26` lint: Make format string linter understand basic template 
parameter syntax (practicalswift)
-- #14105 `eb202ea` util: Report parse errors in configuration file (laanwj)
-- #12604 `9903537` Add DynamicMemoryUsage() to CDBWrapper to estimate LevelDB 
memory use (eklitzke)
-- #12495 `047865e` Increase LevelDB `max_open_files` (eklitzke)
-- #12784 `e80716d` Fix bug in memory usage calculation (unintended integer 
division) (practicalswift)
-- #12618 `becd8dd` Set `SCHED_BATCH` priority on the loadblk thread (eklitzke)
-- #12854 `5ca1509` Add P2P, Network, and Qt categories to the desktop icon 
-- #11862 `4366f61` Network specific conf sections (ajtowns)
-- #13441 `4a7e64f` Prevent shared conf files from failing with different 
available options in different binaries (achow101)
-- #13471 `5eca4e8` For AVX2 code, also check for AVX, XSAVE, and OS support 
-- #13503 `c655b2c` Document FreeBSD quirk. Fix FreeBSD build: Use 
std::min<int>(…) to allow for compilation under certain FreeBSD versions 
-- #13725 `07ce278` Fix bitcoin-cli --version (Empact)
+- #14416 `eb2cc84` Fix OSX dmg issue (10.12 to 10.14) (jonasschnelli)
 ### Documentation
-- #12306 `216f9a4` Improvements to UNIX documentation (axvr)
-- #12309 `895fbd7` Explain how to update chainTxData in release process 
-- #12317 `85123be` Document method for reviewers to verify chainTxData 
-- #12331 `d32528e` Properly alphabetize output of CLI --help option (murrayn)
-- #12322 `c345148` Remove step making cloned repository world-writable for 
Windows build (murrayn)
-- #12354 `b264528` add gpg key for fivepiece (fivepiece)
-- #11761 `89005dd` initial QT documentation (Sjors)
-- #12232 `fdc2188` Improve "Turn Windows Features On or Off" step (MCFX2)
-- #12487 `4528f74` init: Remove translation for `-blockmaxsize` option help 
-- #12546 `a4a5fc7` Minor improvements to Compatibility Notes (randolf)
-- #12434 `21e2670` dev-notes: Members should be initialized (MarcoFalke)
-- #12452 `71f56da` clarified systemd installation instructions in init.md for 
Ubuntu users (DaveFromBinary)
-- #12615 `1f93491` allow for SIGNER containing spaces (ken2812221)
-- #12603 `85424d7` PeerLogicValidation interface (jamesob)
-- #12581 `12ac2f0` Mention configure without wallet in FreeBSD instructions 
-- #12619 `8a709fb` Give hint about gitian not able to download (kallewoof)
-- #12668 `de2fcaa` do update before fetching packages in WSL build guide 
-- #12586 `e7721e6` Update osx brew install instruction (fanquake)
-- #12760 `7466a26` Improve documentation on standard communication channels 
-- #12797 `0415b1e` init: Fix help message for checkblockindex (MarcoFalke)
-- #12800 `2d97611` Add note about our preference for scoped enumerations 
("enum class") (practicalswift)
-- #12798 `174d016` Refer to witness reserved value as spec. in the BIP 
-- #12759 `d3908e2` Improve formatting of developer notes (eklitzke)
-- #12877 `2b54155` Use bitcoind in Tor documentation (knoxcard)
-- #12896 `b15485e` Fix conflicting statements about initialization in 
developer notes (practicalswift)
-- #12850 `319991d` add qrencode to brew install instructions (buddilla)
-- #12007 `cd8e45b` Clarify the meaning of fee delta not being a fee rate in 
prioritisetransaction RPC (honzik666)
-- #12927 `06ead15` fixed link, replaced QT with Qt (trulex)
-- #12852 `ebd786b` devtools: Setup ots git integration (MarcoFalke)
-- #12933 `3cf76c2` Refine header include policy (MarcoFalke)
-- #12951 `6df0c6c` Fix comment in FindForkInGlobalIndex (jamesob)
-- #12982 `a63b4e3` Fix inconsistent namespace formatting guidelines (ryanofsky)
-- #13026 `9b3a67e` Fix include comment in src/interfaces/wallet.h (promag)
-- #13012 `d1e3c5e` Add comments for chainparams.h, validation.cpp (jamesob)
-- #13064 `569e381` List support for BIP173 in bips.md (sipa)
-- #12997 `646b7f6` build-windows: Switch to Artful, since Zesty is EOL 
-- #12384 `c5f7efe` Add version footnote to tor.md (Willtech)
-- #13165 `627c376` Mention good first issue list in CONTRIBUTING.md (fanquake)
-- #13295 `fb77310` Update OpenBSD build instructions for OpenBSD 6.3 
-- #13340 `3a8e3f4` remove leftover check-doc documentation (fanquake)
-- #13346 `60f0358` update bitcoin-dot-org links in release-process.md 
-- #13372 `f014933` split FreeBSD build instructions out of build-unix.md 
-- #13366 `861de3b` Rename “OS X” to the newer “macOS” convention (giulio92)
-- #13369 `f8bcef3` update transifex doc link (mess110)
-- #13312 `b22115d` Add a note about the source code filename naming convention 
-- #13460 `1939536` Remove note to install all boost dev packages (MarcoFalke)
-- #13476 `9501938` Fix incorrect shell quoting in FreeBSD build instructions 
-- #13402 `43fa355` Document validationinterace callback blocking deadlock 
potential (TheBlueMatt)
-- #13488 `d6cf4bd` Improve readability of "Squashing commits" (wodry)
-- #13531 `ee02deb` Clarify that mempool txiter is `const_iterator` (MarcoFalke)
-- #13418 `01f9098` More precise explanation of parameter onlynet (wodry)
-- #13592 `1756cb4` Modify policy to not translate command-line help 
-- #13588 `b77c38e` Improve doc of options addnode, connect, seednode (wodry)
-- #13614 `17e9106` Update command line help for -printtoconsole and 
-debuglogfile (satwo, fanquake)
-- #13605 `8cc048e` corrected text to reflect new(er) process of specifying 
fingerprints (jhfrontz)
-- #13481 `b641f60` Rewrite some validation docs as lock annotations 
-- #13680 `30640f8` Remove outdated comment about miner ignoring CPFP (jamesob)
-- #13625 `7146672` Add release notes for -printtoconsole and -debuglogfile 
changes (satwo)
-- #13718 `f7f574d` Specify preferred Python string formatting technique 
-- #12764 `10b9a81` Remove field in getblocktemplate help that has never been 
used (conscott)
-- #13742 `d2186b3` Adjust bitcoincore.org links (MarcoFalke)
-- #13706 `94dd89e` Minor improvements to release-process.md (MitchellCash)
-- #13775 `ef4fac0` Remove newlines from error message (practicalswift)
-- #13803 `feb7dd9` add note to contributor docs about warranted PR's 
-- #13814 `67af7ef` Add BIP174 to list of implemented BIPs (sipa)
-- #13835 `c1cba35` Fix memory consistency model in comment (skeees)
-- #13824 `aa30e4b` Remove outdated net comment (MarcoFalke)
-- #13853 `317477a` correct versions in dependencies.md (fanquake)
-- #13872 `37ab117` Reformat -help output for help2man (real-or-random)
-- #13717 `8c3c402` Link to python style guidelines from developer notes 
-- #13895 `1cd5f2c` fix GetWarnings docs to reflect behavior (Empact)
-- #13911 `3e3a50a` Revert translated string change, clarify wallet log 
messages (PierreRochard)
-- #13908 `d6faea4` upgrade rescan time warning from minutes to >1 hour 
-- #13905 `73a09b4` fixed bitcoin-cli -help output for help2man (hebasto)
-- #14100 `2936dbc` Change documentation for =0 for non-boolean options (laanwj)
-- #14096 `465a583` Add reference documentation for descriptors language (sipa)
-- #12757 `0c5f67b` Clarify include guard naming convention (practicalswift)
-- #13844 `d3325b0` Correct the help output for `-prune` (hebasto)
+- #14509 `1b5af2c` [0.17] doc: use SegWit in getblocktemplate example (Sjors)
 Thanks to everyone who directly contributed to this release:
-- 251
-- 532479301
-- Aaron Clauson
-- Akio Nakamura
-- Akira Takizawa
-- Alex Morcos
-- Alex Vear
-- Alexey Ivanov
-- Alin Rus
-- Andrea Comand
-- Andrew Chow
-- Anthony Towns
-- AtsukiTak
-- Ben Woosley
-- Bernhard M. Wiedemann
-- Brandon Ruggles
-- buddilla
-- ccdle12
-- Chris Moore
-- Chun Kuan Lee
-- Clem Taylor
-- Conor Scott
-- Conrado Gouvea
-- Cory Fields
-- Cristian Mircea Messel
-- ctp-tsteenholdt
-- Damian Williamson
-- Dan Bolser
-- Daniel Kraft
-- Darko Janković
-- DaveFromBinary
-- David A. Harding
-- DesWurstes
-- Dimitris Apostolou
-- donaloconnor
-- Douglas Roark
-- DrahtBot
-- Drew Rasmussen
-- e0
-- Ernest Hemingway
-- Ethan Heilman
-- Evan Klitzke
-- fanquake
-- Felix Wolfsteller
-- fivepiece
-- Florian Schmaus
-- Fuzzbawls
-- Gabriel Davidian
-- Giulio Lombardo
-- Gleb
-- Grady Laksmono
-- GreatSock
-- Gregory Maxwell
-- Gregory Sanders
-- Hennadii Stepanov
-- Henrik Jonsson
-- Indospace.io
-- James O'Beirne
-- Jan Čapek
-- Jeff Frontz
-- Jeff Rade
-- Jeremy Rubin
-- JeremyRand
-- Jesse Cohen
-- Jim Posen
-- joemphilips
-- John Bampton
-- John Newbery
-- johnlow95
-- Johnson Lau
-- Jonas Nick
 - Jonas Schnelli
-- João Barbosa
-- Jorge Timón
-- Josh Hartshorn
-- Julian Fleischer
-- kallewoof
-- Karel Bilek
-- Karl-Johan Alm
-- Ken Lee
-- Kevin Pan
-- Kosta Zertsekel
-- Kristaps Kaupe
-- Kvaciral
-- Lawrence Nahum
-- Linrono
-- lmanners
-- Loganaden Velvindron
-- Lowell Manners
-- lucash....@gmail.com
-- Luke Dashjr
-- lutangar
-- Marcin Jachymiak
-- marcoagner
-- MarcoFalke
-- Mark Erhardt
-- Mark Friedenbach
-- Martin Ankerl
-- Mason Simon
-- Matt Corallo
-- Matteo Sumberaz
-- Max Kaplan
-- MeshCollider
-- Michał Zabielski
-- Mitchell Cash
-- mruddy
-- mryandao
-- murrayn
-- Nick Vercammen
-- Nicolas Dorier
-- Nikolay Mitev
-- okayplanet
-- Pierre Rochard
 - Pieter Wuille
-- practicalswift
-- Qasim Javed
-- Randolf Richardson
-- Richard Kiss
-- Roman Zeyde
-- Russell Yanofsky
-- Samuel B. Atwood
-- Sebastian Kung
 - Sjors Provoost
-- Steve Lee
-- steverusso
-- Suhas Daftuar
-- Tamas Blummer
-- TheCharlatan
-- Thomas Kerin
-- Thomas Snider
-- Tim Ruffing
-- Varunram
-- Vasil Dimov
-- Will Ayd
-- William Robinson
-- winder
 - Wladimir J. van der Laan
-- wodry
-And to those that reported security issues:
-- awemany (for CVE-2018-17144, previously credited as "anonymous reporter")
-As well as everyone that helped translating on 
\ No newline at end of file
diff -urN '--exclude=CVS' '--exclude=.cvsignore' '--exclude=.svn' 
'--exclude=.svnignore' old/bitcoin-0.17.0/src/clientversion.cpp 
--- old/bitcoin-0.17.0/src/clientversion.cpp    2018-10-01 12:04:33.000000000 
+++ new/bitcoin-  2018-10-26 12:01:33.000000000 
@@ -44,8 +44,8 @@
 //! git will put "#define GIT_ARCHIVE 1" on the next line inside archives. 
 #define GIT_ARCHIVE 1
-#define GIT_COMMIT_ID "e1ed37edaedc85b8c3468bd9a726046344036243"
-#define GIT_COMMIT_DATE "Mon, 1 Oct 2018 12:04:33 +0200"
+#define GIT_COMMIT_ID "1476554d3b1db5352c0de1de7524864d4bce3aac"
+#define GIT_COMMIT_DATE "Fri, 26 Oct 2018 12:01:33 +0200"
 #define BUILD_DESC_WITH_SUFFIX(maj, min, rev, build, suffix) \
diff -urN '--exclude=CVS' '--exclude=.cvsignore' '--exclude=.svn' 
'--exclude=.svnignore' old/bitcoin-0.17.0/src/rpc/mining.cpp 
--- old/bitcoin-0.17.0/src/rpc/mining.cpp       2018-10-01 12:04:33.000000000 
+++ new/bitcoin-     2018-10-26 12:01:33.000000000 
@@ -361,8 +361,8 @@
-            + HelpExampleCli("getblocktemplate", "")
-            + HelpExampleRpc("getblocktemplate", "")
+            + HelpExampleCli("getblocktemplate", "{\"rules\": [\"segwit\"]}")
+            + HelpExampleRpc("getblocktemplate", "{\"rules\": [\"segwit\"]}")

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