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Fri Oct 23 14:00:43 2020 rev:22 rq:841959 version:0.13.4

--- /work/SRC/openSUSE:Factory/terraform/terraform.changes      2020-06-10 
00:53:45.123779264 +0200
+++ /work/SRC/openSUSE:Factory/.terraform.new.3463/terraform.changes    
2020-10-23 14:00:47.812053913 +0200
@@ -1,0 +2,285 @@
+Wed Oct  7 10:39:33 UTC 2020 - John Paul Adrian Glaubitz 
+- Update to 0.13.4 (bsc#1177421, jsc#ECO-2766, jsc#PM-2215)
+  * The built-in vendor (third-party) provisioners, which include `habitat`, 
+    `chef`, and `salt-masterless` are now deprecated and will be removed in a 
+    version of Terraform.
+  * Deprecated interpolation-only expressions are detected in more contexts in 
+    to resources and provider configurations. Module calls, data sources, 
outputs, and
+    locals are now also covered. Terraform also detects interpolation-only 
+    in complex values such as lists and objects. An expression like `"${foo}"` 
+    be rewritten as just `foo`. (#27272) (#26334)
+  * command: Include schemas from required but unused providers in the output 
of `terraform
+    providers schema`. This allows development tools such as the Terraform 
language server
+    to offer autocompletion for the first resource for a given provider. 
+  * core: create_before_destroy status is now updated in the state during 
refresh (#26343)
+  * core: data sources using `depends_on`, either directly or through their 
modules, are
+    no longer are forced to wait until apply by other planned data source 
reads (#26375)
+- from 0.13.3
+  * build: fix crash with terraform binary on openBSD (#26250)
+  * core: prevent create_before_destroy cycles by not connecting module close 
nodes to
+    resource instance destroy nodes (#26186)
+  * core: fix error where plan action changes from CreateThenDelete to 
DeleteThenCreate (#26192)
+  * core: fix Cycle when create_before_destroy status wasn't checked from 
state (#26263)
+  * core: fix "inconsistent final plan" error when changing the number of 
+    resources to 0 (#26264)
+  * states/remote: fix `state push -force` to work for all backends (#26190)
+- from 0.13.2
+  * **Network-based Mirrors for Provider Installation**: As an addition to the 
existing capability
+    of "mirroring" providers into the local filesystem, a network mirror 
allows publishing copies
+    of providers on an HTTP server and using that as an alternative source for 
provider packages,
+    for situations where directly accessing the origin registries is 
impossible or undesirable.
+    (#25999)
+  * backend/http: add support for configuration by environment variable. 
+  * command: Add support for provider redirects to `0.13upgrade`. If a 
provider in the Terraform
+    Registry has moved to a new namespace, the `0.13upgrade` subcommand now 
detects this and follows
+    the redirect where possible. (#26061)
+  * command: Improve `init` error diagnostics when encountering what appears 
to be an in-house
+    provider required by a pre-0.13 state file. Terraform will now display 
suggested `terraform state
+    replace-provider` commands which will fix this specific problem. (#26066)
+  * command: Warn instead of error when the `output` subcommand with no 
arguments results in no outputs.
+    This aligns the UI to match the 0 exit code in this situation, which is 
notable but not necessarily
+    an error. (#26036)
+  * terraform: Fix crashing bug when reading data sources during plan with 
blocks backed by objects,
+    not collections (#26028)
+  * terraform: Fix bug where variables values were asked for twice on the 
command line and provider
+    input values were asked for but not saved (#26063)
+- from 0.13.1
+  * config: `cidrsubnet` and `cidrhost` now support address extensions of more 
than 32 bits (#25517)
+  * cli: The directories that Terraform searches by default for provider 
plugins can now be symlinks
+    to directories elsewhere. (This applies only to the top-level directory, 
not to nested directories
+    inside it.) (#25692)
+  * backend/s3: simplified mock handling and assume role testing (#25903)
+  * backend/s3: support for appending data to the User-Agent request header 
+    environment variable (#25903)
+  * config: Override files containing `module` blocks can now override the 
special `providers` argument. (#25496)
+  * cli: The state lock will now be unlocked consistently across both the 
local and remote backends in the
+    `terraform console` and `terraform import` commands. (#25454)
+  * cli: The `-target` option to `terraform plan` and `terraform apply` now 
correctly handles addresses
+    containing module instance indexes. (#25760)
+  * cli: `terraform state mv` can now move the last resource from a module 
without panicking. (#25523)
+  * cli: If the output of `terraform version` contains an outdated version 
notice, this is now printed
+    after the version number and not before. (#25811)
+  * command: Prevent creation of workspaces with invalid names via the 
`TF_WORKSPACE` environment variable,
+    and allow any existing invalid workspaces to be deleted. (#25262)
+  * command: Fix error when multiple `-no-color` flags are set on the command 
line. (#25847)
+  * command: Fix backend config override validation, allowing the use of 
`-backend-config` override files
+    with the enhanced remote backend. (#25960)
+  * core: State snapshots now use a consistent ordering for resources that 
have the same name across different
+    modules. Previously the ordering was undefined. (#25498)
+  * core: A `dynamic` block producing an unknown number of blocks will no 
longer incorrectly produce the error
+    "Provider produced inconsistent final plan" when the block type is backed 
by a set of objects. (#25662)
+  * core: Terraform will now silently drop attributes that appear in the state 
but are not present in the
+    corresponding resource type schema, on the assumption that those 
attributes existed in a previous version
+    of the provider and have now been removed. (#25779)
+  * core: The state upgrade logic for handling unqualified provider addresses 
from Terraform v0.11 and earlier
+    will no longer panic when it encounters references to the built-in 
`terraform` provider. (#25861)
+  * internal: Clean up provider package download temporary files after 
installing. (#25990)
+  * terraform: Evaluate module call arguments for `terraform import` even if 
defaults are given for input
+    variables (#25890)
+  * terraform: Fix misleading Terraform `required_version` constraint 
diagnostics when multiple `required_version`
+    settings exist in a single module (#25898)
+- from 0.13.0
+  * **`count` and `for_each` for modules**: Similar to the arguments of the 
same name in `resource` and `data`
+    blocks, these create multiple instances of a module from a single `module` 
block. (#24461)
+  * **`depends_on` for modules**: Modules can now use the `depends_on` 
argument to ensure that all module
+    resource changes will be applied after any changes to the `depends_on` 
targets have been applied. (#25005)
+  * **Automatic installation of third-party providers**: Terraform now 
supports a decentralized namespace for
+    providers, allowing for automatic installation of community providers from 
third-party namespaces in the
+    public registry and from private registries. (More details will be added 
about this prior to release.)
+  * **Custom validation rules for input variables**: A new `validation` block 
type inside `variable` blocks
+    allows module authors to define validation rules at the public interface 
into a module, so that errors in
+    the calling configuration can be reported in the caller's context rather 
than inside the implementation
+    details of the module. (#25054)
+  * **New Kubernetes remote state storage backend**: This backend stores state 
snapshots as Kubernetes secrets.
+    (#19525)
+  * As part of introducing a new heirarchical namespace for providers, 
Terraform now requires an explicit `source`
+    specification for any provider that is not in the "hashicorp" namespace in 
the main public registry. (#24477)
+    For more information, including information on the automatic upgrade 
process, refer to the v0.13 upgrade guide.
+  * `terraform import`: the previously-deprecated `-provider` option is now 
removed. (#24090)
+    To specify a non-default provider configuration for import, add the 
`provider` meta-argument to the
+    target `resource` block.
+  * config: Inside `provisioner` blocks that have `when = destroy` set, and 
inside any `connection` blocks that are
+    used by such `provisioner` blocks, it is no longer valid to refer to any 
objects other than `self`, `count`, or
+    `each`. (This was previously deprecated in a v0.12 minor release.) (#24083)
+    If you are using `null_resource` to define provisioners not attached to a 
real resource, include any values your
+    provisioners need in the `triggers` map and change the provisioner 
configuration to refer to those values
+    via `self.triggers`.
+  * configs: At most one `terraform` `required_providers` block is permitted 
per module (#24763)
+    If you previously had multiple `required_providers` blocks in the same 
module, consolidate their requirements
+    together into a single block.
+  * The official MacOS builds of Terraform CLI are no longer compatible with 
Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite; Terraform now
+    requires at least Mac OS 10.11 El Capitan.
+    Terraform 0.13 is the last major release that will support 10.11 El 
Capitan, so if you are upgrading your OS
+    we recommend upgrading to Mac OS 10.12 Sierra or later.
+  * The official FreeBSD builds of Terraform CLI are no longer compatible with 
FreeBSD 10.x, which has reached
+    end-of-life. Terraform now requires FreeBSD 11.2 or later.
+  * backend/oss: The TableStore schema now requires a primary key named 
`LockID` of type `String`. (#24149)
+  * backend/s3: The previously-deprecated `lock_table`, 
`skip_get_ec2_platforms`, and `skip_requesting_account_id`
+    arguments are now removed. (#25134)
+  * backend/s3: The credential source preference order now considers EC2 
instance profile credentials as lower
+    priority than shared configuration, web identity, and ECS role 
credentials. (#25134)
+  * backend/s3: The `AWS_METADATA_TIMEOUT` environment variable is no longer 
used. The timeout is now fixed at one
+    second with two retries. (#25134)
+  * The `terraform plan` and `terraform apply` commands will now detect and 
report changes to root module outputs
+    as needing to be applied even if there are no resource changes in the plan.
+    This is an improvement in behavior for most users, since it will now be 
possible to change `output` blocks and
+    use `terraform apply` to apply those changes.
+    If you have a configuration where a root module output value is changing 
for every plan (for example, by referring
+    to an unstable data source), you will need to remove or change that output 
value in order to allow convergence on
+    an empty plan. Otherwise, each new plan will propose more changes.
+  * Terraform CLI now supports TLS 1.3 and supports Ed25519 certificates when 
making outgoing connections to
+    remote TLS servers.
+    While both of these changes are backwards compatible in principle, certain 
legacy TLS server implementations can
+    reportedly encounter problems when attempting to negotiate TLS 1.3. (These 
changes affects only requests made by
+    Terraform CLI itself, such as to module registries or backends. Provider 
plugins have separate TLS implementations
+    that will gain these features on a separate release schedule.)
+  * On Unix systems where `use-vc` is set in `resolv.conf`, Terraform will now 
use TCP for DNS resolution.
+    We don't expect this to cause any problem for most users, but if you find 
you are seeing DNS resolution failures
+    after upgrading please verify that you can either reach your configured 
nameservers using TCP or that your resolver
+    configuration does not include the `use-vc` directive.
+  * The `terraform 0.12upgrade` command is no longer available. (#24403)
+    To upgrade from Terraform v0.11, first upgrade to the latest v0.12 release 
and then upgrade to v0.13 from there.
+  * config: `templatefile` function will now return a helpful error message if 
a given variable has an invalid name,
+    rather than relying on a syntax error in the template parsing itself. 
+  * config: The configuration language now uses Unicode 12.0 character tables 
for certain Unicode-version-sensitive
+    operations on strings, such as the `upper` and `lower` functions. Those 
working with strings containing new characters
+    introduced since Unicode 9.0 may see small differences in behavior as a 
result of these table updates.
+  * config: The new `sum` function takes a list or set of numbers and returns 
the sum of all elements. (#24666)
+  * config: Modules authored by the same vendor as the main provider they use 
can now pass metadata to the provider to
+    allow for instrumentation and analytics. (#22583)
+  * cli: The `terraform plan` and `terraform apply` commands now recognize 
changes to root module outputs as side-effects
+    to be approved and applied. This means you can apply root module output 
changes using the normal plan and apply workflow.
+    (#25047)
+    * cli: When installing providers from the Terraform Registry, Terraform 
will verify the trust signature for partner
+    providers, and allow for self-signed community providers. (#24617)
+  * cli: `terraform init` will display detailed trust signature information 
when installing providers from the Terraform
+    Registry and other provider registries. (#24932)
+  * cli: It is now possible to optionally specify explicitly which 
installation methods can be used for different providers
+    in the CLI configuration, such as forcing a particular provider to be 
loaded from a particular directory on local disk
+    instead of consulting its origin provider registry. (#24728)
+  * cli: The new `terraform state replace-provider` subcommand allows changing 
the selected provider for existing resource
+    instances in the Terraform state. (#24523)
+  * cli: The new `terraform providers mirror` subcommand can automatically 
construct or update a local filesystem mirror
+    directory containing the providers required for the current configuration. 
+  * cli: `terraform version -json` now produces machine-readable version 
information. (#25252)
+  * cli: `terraform import` can now work with provider configurations 
containing references to other objects, as long as the
+    data in question is already known in the current state. (#25420)
+  * cli: The `terraform state rm` command will now exit with status code 1 if 
the given resource address does not match any
+    resource instances. (#22300)
+  * cli: The `terraform login` command now requires the full word "yes" to 
confirm, rather than just "y",
+    for consistency with Terraform's other interactive prompts. (#25379)
+  * core: Several of Terraform's graph operations are now better optimized to 
support configurations with highly-connected
+    graphs. (#23811)
+  * backend/remote: Now supports `terraform state push -force`. (#24696)
+  * backend/remote: Can now accept `-target` options when creating a plan 
using _remote operations_, if
+    supported by the target server. (Server-side support for this in Terraform 
Cloud and Terraform Enterprise
+    will follow in forthcoming releases of each.) (#24834)
+  * backend/azurerm: Now uses the Giovanni Storage SDK to communicate with 
Azure. (#24669)
+  * backend/s3: The backend will now always consult the shared configuration 
file, even if the `AWS_SDK_LOAD_CONFIG`
+    environment variable isn't set. That environment variable is now ignored. 
+  * backend/s3: Region validation now automatically supports the new 
+    (Africa (Cape Town)) region. (#24744)
+    For AWS operations to work in the new region, you must explicitly enable 
it as described in AWS General
+    Reference: Enabling a Region. If you haven't enabled the region, the 
Terraform S3 Backend will
+    return `InvalidClientTokenId` errors during credential validation.
++++ 88 more lines (skipped)
++++ between /work/SRC/openSUSE:Factory/terraform/terraform.changes
++++ and /work/SRC/openSUSE:Factory/.terraform.new.3463/terraform.changes




Other differences:
++++++ terraform.spec ++++++
--- /var/tmp/diff_new_pack.Q2oFpo/_old  2020-10-23 14:00:48.700054350 +0200
+++ /var/tmp/diff_new_pack.Q2oFpo/_new  2020-10-23 14:00:48.700054350 +0200
@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@
 Name:           terraform
-Version:        0.12.26
+Version:        0.13.4
 Release:        0
 Summary:        Tool for building infrastructure safely and efficiently
 License:        MPL-2.0
@@ -25,9 +25,9 @@
 URL:            https://www.terraform.io/
 Source:         %{name}-%{version}.tar.xz
 Source99:       terraform-rpmlintrc
-BuildRequires:  golang(API) >= 1.12
 BuildRequires:  golang-packaging
 BuildRequires:  xz
+BuildRequires:  golang(API) >= 1.14
 # See: https://github.com/hashicorp/terraform/issues/22807
 ExcludeArch:    %{ix86}

++++++ _service ++++++
--- /var/tmp/diff_new_pack.Q2oFpo/_old  2020-10-23 14:00:48.788054393 +0200
+++ /var/tmp/diff_new_pack.Q2oFpo/_new  2020-10-23 14:00:48.788054393 +0200
@@ -3,8 +3,8 @@
     <param name="url">https://github.com/hashicorp/terraform</param>
     <param name="scm">git</param>
     <param name="filename">terraform</param>
-    <param name="versionformat">0.12.26</param>
-    <param name="revision">v0.12.26</param>
+    <param name="versionformat">0.13.4</param>
+    <param name="revision">v0.13.4</param>
     <param name="exclude">.git</param>
   <service name="tar" mode="disabled"/>

++++++ terraform-0.12.26.obscpio -> terraform-0.13.4.obscpio ++++++
/work/SRC/openSUSE:Factory/.terraform.new.3463/terraform-0.13.4.obscpio differ: 
char 27, line 1

++++++ terraform-0.12.26.tar.xz -> terraform-0.13.4.tar.xz ++++++
/work/SRC/openSUSE:Factory/.terraform.new.3463/terraform-0.13.4.tar.xz differ: 
char 13, line 1

++++++ terraform.obsinfo ++++++
--- /var/tmp/diff_new_pack.Q2oFpo/_old  2020-10-23 14:00:48.892054444 +0200
+++ /var/tmp/diff_new_pack.Q2oFpo/_new  2020-10-23 14:00:48.896054446 +0200
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
 name: terraform
-version: 0.12.26
-mtime: 1590597307
-commit: e139cf607e85e7aa3801a87b4bb1e3da7937e24a
+version: 0.13.4
+mtime: 1601489279
+commit: 5c26de3ce36af3bde29a8a413c29841109f8ae32

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