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here is the log from the commit of package python-apache-libcloud for 
openSUSE:Factory checked in at 2020-10-24 15:14:51
Comparing /work/SRC/openSUSE:Factory/python-apache-libcloud (Old)
 and      /work/SRC/openSUSE:Factory/.python-apache-libcloud.new.3463 (New)

Package is "python-apache-libcloud"

Sat Oct 24 15:14:51 2020 rev:33 rq:843040 version:3.2.0

    2020-06-05 19:58:59.903686354 +0200
  2020-10-24 15:14:54.920061319 +0200
@@ -1,0 +2,26 @@
+Wed Oct 21 01:17:39 UTC 2020 - Steve Kowalik <steven.kowa...@suse.com>
+- Update to 3.2.0:
+  * [OpenStack] Add ex_get_network() to the OpenStack driver to make it 
possible to retrieve a single network by using the ID.
+  * [OpenStack] Fix pagination in the list_images() method and make sure 
method returns all the images, even if the result is spread across multiple 
+  * [GCE] Add script for scraping GCE pricing data and improve price addition 
in _to_node_size method. (GITHUB-1468) [Eis D. Zaster - @Eis-D-Z]
+  * [AWS EC2] Update script for scraping AWS EC2 pricing and update EC2 
pricing data. (GITHUB-1469) [Eis D. Zaster - @Eis-D-Z]
+  * [Deployment] Add new wait_period argument to the deploy_node method and 
default it to 5 seconds.
+  * [Azure ARM] Add script for scraping Azure ARM instance pricing data. 
(GITHUB-1470) [Eis D. Zaster - @Eis-D-Z]
+  * [Deployment] Make FileDeployment class much faster and more efficient when 
working with large files or when running multiple FileDeployment steps on a 
single node.
+  * [Deployment] Add __repr__() and __str__() methods to all the Deployment 
classes. [Tomaz Muraus - @Kami]
+  * [Deployment] New keep_alive and use_compression arguments have been added 
to the ParamikoSSHClient class constructor.
+  * [Deployment] Update ParamikoSSHClient.put() method so it returns a correct 
path when commands are being executed on a Windows machine.
+  * [Outscale] Add a new driver for the Outscale provider. Existing Outscale 
driver utilizes the EC2 compatible API and this one utilizes native Outscale 
API. (GITHUB-1476) [Tio Gobin - @tgn-outscale]
+  * [KubeVirt] Add new methods for managing services which allows users to 
expose ports for the VMs (ex_list_services, ex_create_service, 
ex_delete_service). (GITHUB-1478) [Eis D. Zaster - @Eis-D-Z]
+  * [LXD] Add new methods for managing network and storage pool capabilities 
and include other improvements in some of the existing methods. (GITHUB-1477) 
[Eis D. Zaster - @Eis-D-Z]
+  * [DigitalOcean] Add location argument to the list_sizes() method.
+  * Fix deploy_node() so an exception is not thrown if any of the output 
(stdout / stderr) produced by the deployment script contains a non-valid utf-8 
+  * Add new timeout argument to ScriptDeployment and ScriptFileDeployment 
class constructor.
+  * [GiG G8] Fix retry functionality when creating port forwards and add 
support for automatically refresing the JWT auth token inside the connection 
class if it's about to expire in 60 seconds or less. (GITHUB-1465) [Jo De Boeck 
- @grimpy]
+  * [Azure ARM] Update create_node so an exception is thrown if user passes 
ex_use_managed_disks=False, but doesn't provide a value for the 
ex_storage_account argument. (GITHUB-1448) [@antoinebourayne]
+  * [AWS S3] Make sure driver works correctly for objects with ~ in the name.
+  * [CloudFlare] Update driver to include the whole error chain the thrown 
exception message field.
+  * [Gandi Live] Don't throw if extra['rrset_ttl'] argument is not passed to 
the create_record method. (GITHUB-1463) [Tomaz Muraus]




Other differences:
++++++ python-apache-libcloud.spec ++++++
--- /var/tmp/diff_new_pack.uBYVug/_old  2020-10-24 15:14:55.680062267 +0200
+++ /var/tmp/diff_new_pack.uBYVug/_new  2020-10-24 15:14:55.680062267 +0200
@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@
 %{?!python_module:%define python_module() python-%{**} python3-%{**}}
 %bcond_without python2
 Name:           python-apache-libcloud
-Version:        3.0.0
+Version:        3.2.0
 Release:        0
 Summary:        Abstraction over multiple cloud provider APIs
 License:        Apache-2.0

++++++ apache-libcloud-3.0.0.tar.gz -> apache-libcloud-3.2.0.tar.gz ++++++
++++ 53504 lines of diff (skipped)

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